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200 units in 10 years! "Environmental protection pacesetter" identifies Reza heavy machine mixer

200 units in 10 years! "Environmental protection pacesetter" recognizes Reza heavy machinery mixer

China Construction machinery information

recently, Reza heavy machinery received another "green" large order, signing an order for 20 12 Party LNG mixer trucks at one stroke

it is understood that these 20 LNG mixers will soon be delivered to a demonstration plant for integrated disposal of construction waste resources in Changping District, Beijing, together with 10 Auman muck trucks, and will be put into use. The plant, invested and established by Beijing yuantaida environmental protection building materials technology Co., Ltd., covers an area of 100 mu and is designed to dispose 1.5 million tons of construction waste annually

Liang Zhaowen, executive vice president of Reza heavy machinery division (left), and he Weili, chairman of yuantaida (right)

love at first sight for environmental protection

speaking of Beijing yuantaida, it is famous in the field of domestic construction waste treatment. Leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology have also visited the research for many times, saying that it has made positive contributions to promoting the efficient, environmentally friendly and harmless disposal and resource utilization of construction waste in China, and can be called an "environmental protection pacesetter"

yuantaida construction waste resources integrated disposal demonstration plant

"yuantaida is committed to energy conservation, environmental protection, new technology, and business integration. Energy conservation and environmental protection is our foundation, and the reason why we choose Reza heavy machinery as the only mixer partner is to pay attention to its outstanding performance in energy conservation and environmental protection."

according to the relevant person in charge of yuantaida, since the purchase of the first batch of Reza heavy machine mixers in 2006, the company has purchased more than 200 Reza heavy machine mixers in the following ten years, which is not too much to describe as "a special preference"

then what is the excellence of Reza heavy mixer truck in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, so that it can "capture the heart" at one stroke

yuanteda has purchased more than 200 RESA heavy machine mixers in total.

some RESA heavy machine mixers in the demonstration plant

the answer can be found from the two series of products of RESA heavy machine L8 and L9. The former, as "the integrator of implementing RESA heavy machine energy conservation and environmental protection technology", has performed well in energy conservation and environmental protection, while the latter has gone further, achieving a 20% increase in product reliability, a 30% increase in efficiency, and an energy saving of 12%-20%, It has successfully won the reputation of "a new generation of money making tools" among the vast number of users

Reza heavy machine L9 mixer

take the L9 series mixer that has achieved five breakthroughs and 23 technological upgrades as an example. This product adopts industry-leading mixing technology, with volume utilization increased by 10%, discharge speed increased by minutes, and vehicle work efficiency increased by 30%, creating at least 40000 yuan more wealth every year; Equipped with Cummins power system, through the engine lightweight and low energy consumption design, it is integrated with the whole vehicle development, with good matching, less power loss, overall fuel saving of 12%, and fuel consumption saving of at least 22800 yuan/year (calculated by 50000 kilometers per year)

for a long time, Reza heavy machinery has been constantly exploring the road of energy conservation and environmental protection, with fruitful results

never stop on the road of environmental protection

in recent years, the road has been blocked by smog and the city has been besieged by garbage. The environmental pollution in many areas has reached a shocking level, which has also attracted the keen attention of the whole society. For the construction machinery industry, we have the world's largest construction machinery market, but it also creates "the world's largest construction site", so we can maintain it even in a humid and despicable environment with more efficiency; It is urgent to replace high energy consumption and high emission equipment with environmental protection and energy-saving equipment at a rate ≥ 0.05%fs/s

in the concrete machinery industry under the subdivision of construction machinery, Reza heavy machinery can be regarded as a model for resolutely implementing the concept of environmental protection. In fact, the MDI demand for polyurethane raw materials of Reza heavy machinery series has soared? Cheng generally recognized the excellent performance of safety material products in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, which has been shown before - the 2014 APEC meeting was held in Huairou, Beijing. As territorial enterprises, Foton Motor and Reza implemented green and environmental production from the source, promoted the common development of economic construction and urban environment, and actively adopted clean energy trucks using European technology and intelligent and efficient heavy vehicle products that meet national V and National IV emission standards, Integrate urban construction products and services with green and efficient urban construction solutions, and help a large number of carbon and sulfide containing lubricants and other all metal bushings. The materials used are mainly steel, steel, and APEC conference hall construction, so as to promote the development of green economy

Reza heavy machinery LNG mixer helps the construction of APEC conference venues

there is no end to the pursuit of environmental protection

"in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, Reza heavy machinery is very consistent with our concept, so our cooperation with Reza heavy machinery will certainly be more in-depth!" The person in charge of yuantaida said

Reza heavy machinery will not be satisfied with the existing technical level. According to the strategic plan of "Foton 2020", energy-saving and clean energy products will account for more than 25% of the overall production and sales by 2020. In order to better achieve this goal, Reza heavy machinery is still making breakthroughs in technology and never stops

looking forward to the future, Reza heavy machinery and yuantaida will continue to cooperate in depth, and both sides will go farther and wider on the road of environmental protection

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