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Public opinion in the customer service industry: Omni channel customer service under internal and external collaboration

with the development of Internet and cloud computing, helping enterprises build has ultimately led to jaw slipping in the process of stretching experiments. Cloud customer service, which establishes a customer service center, has become the first choice of many enterprises. As the initiator and promoter of cloud customer service 3.0, Beijing Heli Yijie Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heli Yijie, stock code: 833629) recently launched a three city tour, successively held a cloud customer service 3.0 product launch in Beijing station and a seminar salon in Shanghai station. Recently, heli Yijie entered Guangzhou, held a call center and internal collaborative customer salon, and conducted in-depth discussions with industry customers and guests around the development trend of the customer service industry and the concept of full customer service of cloud customer service 3.0

Figure 1: Heli Yijie Guangzhou station call center and internal collaborative customer salon site

discussion question 1: collaborative needs under the change of customer service management

at the salon, Li Hang, the customer service director of peripheral travel, as a guest speaker, thought about the current management needs of the customer service industry and believed that customer service management needed to strengthen internal collaboration. Li Hang believes that with the expansion of customer service scale, the marginal cost of internal cooperation is increasing, so we must reduce the cost of cooperation between individuals and improve operational efficiency through management. In the work of customer service, we should focus on solving customer problems professionally, listen carefully to what customers need, and constantly challenge and ask what we can do for customers as customer service personnel. Therefore, the customer service industry must, on the one hand, optimize the process to achieve systematization and automation, on the other hand, improve the ability of the team to achieve the overall: service branding and individual: service content

Li Hang suggested that customer service management should evolve from ant colony mode to earthworm mode, improve the thinking ability of the team, strengthen the ability of the team to make independent decisions and cope with the situation, so as to better adapt to the drastic changes in the market environment and reduce the cost and loss of collaborative information back and forth

discussion question 2: central customer service or multi-channel customer service

Xian Weilin, director of Ruika convenient car rental customer service, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of central customer service and multi-channel customer service. RickA convenience car rental is a self driving short-term rental business, and its main customers are male users aged 25 to 40. In 2013, RickA convenient car rental focused on building a central customer service, collecting all service problems to the contact center, but found that there were many shortcomings in the central customer service, including a single interface and highly consistent information transmission; Stifle other service channels, and store employees provide negative services; Violate the customer's use principle; In a short time, it led to the rapid expansion of call center business and the collapse of many key indicators

and multi-channel customer service is becoming increasingly necessary. As more and more customers tend to choose multiple access methods to submit customer service demands, enterprises should maximize the needs of customers, provide multi-channel customer service, and finally achieve full customer service through the formation of a single and complete territory. The foundation of building multi-channel customer service is internal collaboration. The synergy of Omni channel customer service centers will be reflected in the continuous infiltration of mobility, necessary organizational adjustments, complex data integration and analysis, and the service (commitment) standards established by various functional centers with customer service as the leading role. In customer service work, we need to maintain the consistency of processing timeliness, interaction tools, all staff responses, and assessment tools. Xian Weilin believes that only when customers cannot distinguish between different channels, you are the omni channel new energy industry chain! Is the best effect of service blueprint consistency

solution: cloud customer service 3.0 realizes Omni channel customer service under collaboration

in view of the internal collaboration demand and multi-channel customer service demand proposed by the customer service industry, Du Hongsheng, general manager of Heli Yijie Internet business department, pointed out that Heli Yijie cloud customer service 3.0 can realize the omni channel customer service demand under internal and external collaboration, and collaboration is the main feature of cloud customer service 3.0 products

external collaboration refers to the full integration of customer facing channels, including external systems such as, Weibo, app, and official, to achieve the integration of voice and customer service capabilities. The customer service staff can either connect or initiate a chat with the customer and transfer it during the chat. In addition, customers can also submit relevant screenshots of product problems through the customer service system to communicate more intuitively with customer service personnel. Through external collaboration, cloud customer service 3.0 can solve the decentralized and isolated status of multiple customer service access channels in the Internet era, and truly realize multi-channel customer service under collaboration

internal collaboration refers to strengthening the collaboration within the call center and with other departments through enterprise im. The product of Heli Yijie cloud customer service 3.0 has been put into the enterprise im (small secretary), and the customer service staff can invite other department personnel to hold meetings and im information communication in time to quickly respond to the problems raised by customers. Customer service work will be supported by all departments and large platforms of the enterprise to realize seamless internal communication

Figure 2: Heli Yijie Guangzhou station call center and internal collaborative customer salon round table dialogue

in the round table discussion session, Du Hongsheng, general manager of Heli Yijie Internet business department, together with Li Hang, customer service director of departure peripheral tour, Xian Weilin, customer service director of Ruika car rental, Hailan, general supervisor of Inman customer service, he Jiaming, customer service director of yunfutong payment technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd Zhudongxia, the customer service director of Guangzhou yipiao Bao Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., and other guests had an in-depth discussion with the coordinated omni-channel customer service as the main topic

as for whether enterprises should focus on channels or customer service, the guests said that the earliest choice was to look at the pressure testing machine or the configuration of microcomputer controlled pressure testing machine itself. The focus and demand points of call centers in different industries are different, and there is no final conclusion about rotating the rotatable collet at a constant speed. However, whether it is customer service or customer service, communication is the essence. Customers will have judgments and choices, and what enterprise customer service needs to do is to respond to customers' needs. The integration with customer service will be irreversible. Enterprises cannot hinder customers' access needs, but they can add more customer service contacts, whether it is, apps, officials, etc., so that customers have more choices. As long as the internal division of labor is done well, the customer service work under the integration and coordination will form a more beautiful rhythm and create a more relaxed and pleasant experience

the Guangzhou station Salon of Heli Yijie drew a perfect end to this tour, and also confirmed the consistency between the concept of cloud customer service 3.0 and the actual needs of the customer service industry. In the era of mobile Internet, enterprises need customer service to meet the needs of more, faster, better and less expensive. Heli Yijie is following this trend, and through the integration of voice and customer service capabilities, as well as the integration of cloud customer service capabilities and enterprise im capabilities, it will comprehensively promote cloud customer service into the 3.0 stage, and truly open a new era of full-time customer service in which every employee can contribute

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