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All system solutions of three-layer special co injection blow molding process

three-layer non fragile gas barrier containers with better performance than glass, used in medical and pharmaceutical industries

Figure 1: Medical three-layer PC container

kortec has completed the integration of technology, hardware and software after cooperating with uniloy Milacron to develop kortec's unique multi material blow molding equipment platform. Results a complete and new co injection turnkey system was obtained, especially for blow molding applications in the medical/pharmaceutical industry

John kermet, vice president of kortec and in charge of sales and marketing, said, "this market continues to drive the transformation of the medical market from glass to plastic. Pollution and danger caused by easy breakage of glass are still the primary reasons for the transformation." But until now, plastic containers can not meet the requirements of all typical medical fields

one of the biggest successes in the medical field is polycarbonate (PC) medical equipment. The specification requires the ability to endure quite harsh sterilization treatment (steam, high-pressure sterilization, etc.), good clarity, bottle strength and gas barrier performance. Until now, thick wall glass containers have become the standard in this field. Single layer PC container can meet most physical performance requirements except gas barrier performance. Kortec's new co injection solution produces a three-layer PC container in which PA nylon is used in the middle layer. Results on the basis of very competitive cost, a three-layer PC container that meets all in-service requirements was obtained

Figure 2: three layer PC container structure

according to kermet's introduction, the new car uniloy is expected to release in September is made of reinforced plastic. Milacron was selected as the platform of this new system product by kortec almost two years ago because of their special technology and flexibility. He said, "uniloy is the leader of injection blow molding equipment. Their ability to process engineering grade polymers is the same as customizing the system to meet our needs. It is suitable for repairing historic sites and other old building platforms. Its ability can produce very good co injection solutions."

the company plans to sell the turnkey system that "the experimental box has the ability to complete the experimental process according to the preset curve" to the world. Future applications include three-layer 1.24 bit a/d conversion channel polycarbonate, PP, HDPE and even PET containers that require additional gas and moisture barrier properties. Small size and large size applications are possible, and new markets include cosmetics and perfume. In addition, higher quality coextrusion applications can benefit from more uniform wall thickness and high-quality bottleneck finish, which is becoming a target

Figure 3: top view of injection

the first system was sold to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA. It was originally used to develop very challenging pc/pa applications. In fact, it is completely applicable and customizable for various applications and material types. Kortec can provide interested companies with all development programs in special application fields by using the equipment platform with the help of customer specific tools

at the same time, the application of this technology is completely customized. Kermet said, "the barrier layer can be designed to block light, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, maintain vacuum or other required functions for other applications and pharmaceutical applications." He said that although the first set of system is a four cavity structure, now the system as high as 16 cavities is on the market

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