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The test of all metal screw drill motor of the first machinery group of ordnance industry was successful

recently, the full high and low temperature test chamber jointly developed by the northern wind and thunder company of the first machinery group of China ordnance industry group and Xi'an University of petroleum, how to solve the excessive noise of the metal screw drill motor, after the test, it was successful. All metal screw drill is a high-end product in the field of screw drill, and its manufacturing technology is at the world leading level. The success of the all metal motor test, its core component, marks a new step in the company's screw drill manufacturing technology and core competitiveness

with the exploration and development of deep and ultra deep wells, the requirements for the performance of screw drill are higher and higher. The downhole working environment temperature is often higher than 200 ℃. The stator of conventional screw drill motor is composed of stator shell and rubber bushing. The temperature resistance level can only reach about 120 ℃, and its high temperature resistance performance is far from meeting the needs of normal drilling. All metal motor is insensitive to temperature changes and can work at about 300 ℃, so it is more suitable for all metal motor screw drill in the drilling of high-temperature wells

the components of the all metal screw drill developed by the company are all metal parts. The stator of the all metal motor has more wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The output power, high temperature resistance and aging resistance of the motor are greatly improved compared with the conventional drill, thus extending the service life of the screw drill

the success of the test of all metal screw drill motor from raw materials to equipment suppliers has laid a good foundation for Beifang Fenglei company to enrich the industrial chain structure and improve the technology. The water equipment should be stored in a dry environment. It is also an important step for Beifang Fenglei company to support the development of tight load rod drilling tools to the high-end market in the future

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