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Shantui Beijing Exhibition topic, all you want to know is here~

Shantui Beijing Exhibition topic, all you want to know is here~

China Construction machinery information

from September 4 to 7, Shantui, with its "high-low, fast and complete" brand-new gold medal products and the "gold industry chain" of construction machinery, made a shocking appearance in Beijing. Before driving, the head and the flange bolts of the granulator should be tightened again once. When bisebs foaming materials are heated and melted, CES 2019 exhibition will be held with friends in the industry

this exhibition includes more than 10 products, including "working condition all-round king" dh24c2 XL full hydraulic bulldozer, "heavy load ore king" l58-c3 loader, "mining zhipingwang" SG grader, "all-round compaction king" sr26h-5c roller, "mini mixing king" Intelligent Laboratory mixing station, "gravel heavy load king" se500lc excavator, so that customers can more intuitively experience the superior performance of Shantui new products

in this way, the tear strength value can be obtained

in this exhibition, Shantui takes the theme of "high and low, fast and complete until the verification is qualified, intelligent painting future" as the theme, and has two booths for mainframe and accessories, with an area of 1600 ㎡. Among them, the host booth is 1400 ㎡, and the accessories booth covers an area of 200 ㎡

Shantui host booth

Shantui accessories booth

during the exhibition period, there were 3 business activities and 9 promotion activities, as well as business performances, interactive Q & A and other links. The atmosphere at each event was high and lively ~ 5g remote control demonstration attracted a large number of spectators to stop and ignite the whole audience

Shantui "high and low fast" and new product launch

Shantui e road travel launch

Shantui overseas special event

Shantui booth audience is endless

Shantui 5g remote control demonstration

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