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Cui Jingjing, founder of ji'ao polymerization: big data embraces artificial intelligence is a new trend

author I Heima Wang Tao

ji'ao polymerization is an interconnected big data and artificial intelligence solution provider, which has independently developed a number of landing artificial intelligence and big data application products, and has successfully provided end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions for more than 1000 enterprises. In 2018, although Jiao polymerization is still in the period of technical layout and investment, it has achieved a revenue of nearly 400million yuan

In recent years, the big data industry has developed in full swing. According to the big data industry development plan () issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the scale of China's big data industry was 470billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 30% year-on-year. It is expected that the scale of China's big data industry will reach trillion yuan in 2020

in the face of the trillion scale market of the big data industry, ji'ao polymerization, established in 2012, has always pursued to make artificial intelligence truly serve the industry, make the industry truly serve life, and build a big data power. Through continuous efforts, it has achieved the top three in the industry

up to now, Jiao polymerization has obtained nearly US $150million in financing, two of which have reached the largest single financing amount in the big data industry


original intention: meet the needs of users

before the establishment of ji'ao polymerization, Cui Jingjing has been engaged in the big data industry, and she knows that the importance of data for enterprise users is self-evident. "In the face of complex big data, users need compliant, secure and encrypted data processing." Cui Jingjing said that since its establishment, Jiao polymerization has always been user-centered, independently developed model algorithms for core intellectual property rights, and explored a series of mature product solutions to meet the needs of users

Jiao polymerization mainly focuses on finance, small and medium-sized micro enterprise services, insurance, government, education, automobile and other industries, focusing on financial risk control, anti fraud, intelligent customer service, precision marketing and other services. Its main products are: risk control product line and marketing product line

risk control products mainly include intelligent radar decision engine, anti fraud, credit evaluation model, risk monitoring model early warning, intelligent collection, etc; The marketing products cover intelligent voice robot, Jiao ark, marketing response model, marketing score, new customer acquisition, deposit activation, etc

Cui Jingjing introduced that the business model of ji'ao polymerization is to integrate all their experts, knowledge, data and algorithms into one platform through data platform and artificial intelligence platform to provide users with SaaS services to realize revenue

how to ensure the security of big data has always been a concern of users. Cui Jingjing said that through the underlying algorithm and model processing, ji'ao polymerization analyzes the results of data and makes intelligent decisions to ensure that all external output services are encrypted and authorized by users

at the same time, Jiao polymerization continues to accumulate a large number of algorithm and technical processing capabilities. After adjusting the above 3 measurement steps, it will train good and bad samples and positive and negative cycles, verify the data, remove impurities, and further improve the purity and accuracy of the data. Then it will use voice 2 to firmly surround high-end recognition, model algorithm recognition and other technologies, and carry out continuous positive and negative cycles and processing from the analysis method to the effectiveness of the results, To ensure the safety and effectiveness of big data

"now, Jiao polymerization can rank among the top three in the industry." Cui Jingjing said


Development: Transformation of artificial intelligence

now, big data companies in the market are mainly divided into three categories: the first category is data collectors, the second category is data analysis service providers, and the third category is data solution providers that combine the cost of artificial intelligence common PE mulching film. Ji'ao polymerization is developing towards the third category

in 2016, ji'ao polymerization began to transform to artificial intelligence, exploring "big data +ai", studying deep learning and model algorithms, and automatically generating data into a decision engine through artificial intelligence + machine learning. At the same time, intelligent voice and pictures are arranged to realize interactive communication, including intelligent outbound calls, intelligent customer service and intelligent collection. Ji'ao polymerization has also developed scoring models, such as marketing scoring, risk control scoring and collection scoring. At present, it serves a number of financial institutions, including the larger of the four state-owned banks. 1. The force sensor of the experimental machine

"some customers reported that after using our risk control score and model, it can help him reduce the bad debt rate by 11% on the original basis, and effectively improve the net profit." Cui Jingjing said proudly

Jiao polymerization also builds an artificial intelligence modeling platform, integrates multi-source heterogeneous data, covers the full range of bank modeling scenario templates, such as precision marketing model, risk early warning model, etc., provides data preprocessing and analysis, feature derivation processing and screening, rich machine learning and deep learning algorithms, and realizes the basic functions of the modeling platform in the form of component parameter configuration

Cui Jingjing said that through the modeling platform, banks and other financial institutions can assess the potential risks of customers and detect customer fraud, so as to reduce their own losses, help banks accurately locate the market and formulate better strategies


Future: expand diversified scenarios

at present, the big data industry mainly focuses on data marketing, risk control and other fields. The financial, telecommunication, transportation, education, real estate and other industries with a scale of billions of Yuan provide space for the big data industry to play. Among the nearly 1000 customers served by Jiao polymerization, the financial sector accounts for about 70%. "This year, we will continue to expand finance, insurance, government, education and other industries." Cui Jingjing stressed that the rich and diverse cooperation scenes are their next focus

in addition, Cui Jingjing introduced that the combination of application and scenario is the core advantage of ji'ao polymerization. They can ensure that any product of ji'ao polymerization is effective in all scenarios, not simply selling a technology or data, but results oriented

in 2019, Jiao polymerization will also firmly grasp the national strategic development plan of the new era on "promoting the deep integration of interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy", and continue to develop products around model algorithms, deep learning, intelligent voice and image recognition

in the future, Cui Jingjing hopes to build ji'ao polymerization into a leading provider of big data and AI scenario application solutions in China, continue to output AI technology capabilities for more enterprises, and drive intelligent changes in the industry

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