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CTP plate making of newspaper industry has entered a period of rapid development

● the CTP plate making volume of newspaper industry has increased significantly in recent three years

the plate making volume has increased to 4.2 million, accounting for 18% of the total. In 2010, it entered the stage of rapid development. The national newspaper industry purchased more than 100 CTP machines, and the CTP plate making volume rose to 7.6 million, accounting for 27% of the total

newspaper printing plants equipped with CTP equipment also increased significantly. In 2009, among the 98 enterprises counted, 60 were equipped with CTP equipment; Among the 135 newspaper printing plants counted in 2010, 90 were equipped with CTP equipment

● 10 newspaper printing plants

CTP plate making achieved zero breakthrough

the "2010 national newspaper plate making volume statistics" made by the printing working committee of the China Newspaper Association included 135 newspaper printing plants in the statistical scope, with a total plate making volume of 15.54 million, of which the CTP plate making volume was 6.05 million, accounting for 38.9%. China Publishing News analyzed the statistical data and found that the application of CTP in the newspaper industry in 2010 can be roughly divided into three types: 20 printing plants all adopt CTP for plate making; 51 all adopt traditional PS plate making; 64 companies use both methods of plate making. Among them, the number of CTP editions used by many enterprises has increased rapidly

zero breakthrough type. In 2010, 10 newspaper printing plants achieved a breakthrough in CTP plate making. About 10% of the editions used by the printing branch of Nanfang newspaper media Holding Co., Ltd., the printing center of Shenyang newspaper group, the printing center of Gansu news agency and the printing factory of Qinghai news agency are CTP editions; The CTP plate consumption of the printing center of Henan Newspaper Group, the printing center of Inner Mongolia and the printing plant of Baoding society is about 20%; Yunnan Press and Nanjing Times Media Co., Ltd. have 40% of the plates for CTP; The CTP plate making volume of Luzhou press accounted for 91% of the total plate making volume

only 40 newspaper printing plants purchased CTP plate making machines. The total number of CTP plate making in China was 2.4 million, accounting for only 8% of the total

analyzing the reasons, Xia Tianjun believes that although all printing houses recognize the progressiveness and feasibility of CTP plate making, the price of CTP plate is three times that of general PS plate due to the high cost of equipment and plate materials, which is a very practical problem, so the industry has slowed down

after 2008, the prices of CTP equipment and plates gradually decreased, and the newspaper industry began to promote the use of CTP. Statistics show that CTP

newspaper printing houses in the national newspaper industry used CTP plate making for mass production in 2009, which began in the printing house of Yangcheng Evening News in 1998. However, from 1998 to 2007, CTP plate making in the newspaper industry was promoted very slowly. After 10 years of application, CTP plate making volume accounts for less than 1/10 of the total plate making volume

as evidenced by the statistical data of the printing Committee of the China Press Association, by the end of 2007, there were more than 500

large fast-moving factories across the country. Compared with 2009, some printing plants with a large amount of plate making increased the proportion of CTP plate making in 2010, such as Guangzhou press printing center from 49% to 69%, Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group Printing Center from 30% to 72%, Harbin Baoda Printing Co., Ltd. from 33% to 98%, and Shijiazhuang press factory from 7% to 55%

● 20 newspaper printing plants

all adopt CTP plate making

statistical data show that the newspaper printing plants that all adopt CTP plate making in 2010 are roughly divided into three categories

first, early use and full use. Some printing houses that have been on CTP earlier use CTP edition 100% all year round, such as Yangcheng Evening News printing house, Shenzhen newspaper group Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiefang media printing company, Quanzhou Evening News printing center, Shantou Special Economic Zone newspaper printing center, etc

second, late use all use type. Some new CTP units have also adopted CTP plate making. Among them, there are newspaper printing plants in provincial capitals and coastal cities, such as Hainan newspaper group printing plant, Hefei newspaper media Co., Ltd. printing branch, Yantai Baojie Printing Co., Ltd., Ningxia newspaper media Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Securities newspaper printing center, etc; There are also newspaper printing plants in relatively remote areas, such as Tibet press printing plant, Hohhot press printing plant, Yanbian Baojie printing company, Yan'an press printing plant, etc

third, the city newspaper is all-purpose. In recent years, some local newspaper printing houses have also become important forces for CTP, such as Nanyang press, Xiangfan press, Baotou press, Changzhi press, Chifeng press, Yuxi press, etc

● four major reasons have prompted printing plants to adopt CTP

to jointly print more than 100000 sheets, and some are suitable for printing 50000 or 60000 sheets or less. The price of CTCP for computer direct plate making on traditional plates is the cheapest, but we should consider how to ensure the printing quality and printing resistance. Printing plants can choose different equipment and processes according to their own conditions

as the representative of the national brand of the plate supplier, lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd. has made great contributions to promoting the application of CTP plates. According to relevant personnel of the company, when foreign CTP plates were first introduced into China, the price was as high as 100 yuan per square meter, which was more than three times that of PS plates in the same period. After Lekai Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd. and other domestic plate suppliers produced CTP plates with independent intellectual property rights on a large scale, the price of imported CTP plates fell sharply to 30 or 40 yuan per square meter to create a more sustainable future

the increase in the varieties and specifications of CTP plate making machines also provides more choices for newspaper printing plants.

Xinhua newspaper group printing has tested the test pieces. The company's CTP plate consumption in 2010 was zero, but its CTP plate making volume in the first eight months of 2011 accounted for 80% of the total plate consumption. Jiang Hongwei, general manager of the company, said: our company has only purchased two CTP equipment this year. The main reason for using CTP is that the current labor cost is too high. We should try our best to pursue equipment automation to reduce costs

the printing center of Wenhui Xinmin United newspaper group has six CTP equipment. Songbaocong, its general manager, said that the use of CTP has greatly reduced the labor intensity of employees, so employees are very welcome. It is expected that there will be fewer and fewer live parts using traditional plate making in the future

● equipment diversification and plate price reduction promote the application

Xia Tianjun said that CTP process diversification provides more options for printing plants to jointly promote the Asia Europe cross-border railway transportation room. If some equipment is suitable for

analyze the reasons for the rapid development of CTP plate making in recent years, Xia Junjun believes that there are four main points: first, the quantity and quality of domestic plate production continue to improve, the variety increases, and the price continues to decline; Second, the varieties and specifications of CTP plate making machines have been increased to meet the needs of small and medium-sized newspaper printing plants; Third, the price of traditional plate making film continues to rise; Fourth, the laser Imagesetter and related spare parts are facing a cut-off

Xia Tianjun said that CTP plate making process has many advantages, such as improving plate making speed and quality, saving manpower and reducing costs. Using CTP plate making can also improve the automation control level of printing plants and solve the bottleneck of realizing the automation control of the whole process. He said that if enterprises do not step up the launch of CTP now, they will face the crisis of the supply of original process equipment and spare parts

● film price rise and cost increase are the main reasons

film price rise and cost increase are the main reasons for many newspaper printing houses to speed up the use of CTP version

due to the rise of silver price, the price of film used for traditional plate making has been rising for a year or two, while CTP plates are gradually reducing prices, which makes many newspaper printing houses choose to use CTP plate making. Shandong Dazhong Huatai Printing Co., Ltd. did not use CTP plate making in 2010. In 2011, the company purchased six CTP equipment, and it is estimated that more than 90% of it will be CTP plate making in 2011. Gaojinhua, chairman of the company, said: the cost of plate materials has been greatly reduced, and there is room for plate materials to reduce prices. He wants to buy two more CTPs in the second half of the year

the cost pressure of printing enterprises is increasing this year, and the use of CTP can reduce the plate making cost and labor cost. Xia Jun calculated that if 80% of the national newspaper industry used CTP for plate making, the plate making cost could be reduced by at least 150million yuan a year

it has increased by 12.5%, and domestic brands such as Peking University Founder and Kelei continue to develop new products, and some international brands are also vigorously expanding the Chinese market. At this meeting, ECRM, an internationally renowned prepress equipment supplier, said that in recent years, through cooperation with lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd., the company had 139 CTP plate making machines installed in China at the end of 2010

the R & D and production of CTP plate making equipment of national brand also provide more choices for newspaper printing plants. The printing plant of Hainan newspaper group is the first manufacturer to introduce the CTCP equipment of Kelei in the provincial newspaper. Xiao juhuang, deputy manager of the printing plant, said that the CTCP equipment of Kelei is suitable for short edition live copies with low printing volume and many varieties, and the provincial (municipal) and municipal newspapers with low printing volume can be considered. This method of using computer direct plate making technology and traditional PS plate making is conducive to reducing the cost of plate making

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