Crude oil prices in the hottest chemical industry

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Chemical industry: crude oil prices continue to fall, both petrochemical companies benefit

focus of the week: Dow and other chemical material giants have recently continued to fall in crude oil prices, which is good for Sinopec and PetroChina. It is estimated that the EPS of Sinopec and PetroChina in the first half of 2008 will be about 0.10 yuan and 0 Between 30 yuan, maintain the "buy" rating of Sinopec and raise the investment rating of PetroChina to "buy"

last week, the price of international bulk petrochemical raw materials generally fell, and the price of crude oil continued to decline, closing at US $113.77/barrel, down 1.24% for a week; The international natural gas price fell significantly, down 4.87%, making the price drop of 15.55% since August. Ethylene and benzene fell significantly last week, down 6.00% and 6.27% respectively. The gross profit of oil refining rose by 10.20% last week, and has rebounded significantly after falling continuously in recent weeks

fertilizers and pesticides: last week, the prices of major domestic agricultural and chemical products such as fertilizers and pesticides did not change much. The price of glyphosate did not change. The price of urea fell slightly by 0.82%, the price of phosphate fertilizer fell slightly by 0.47%, and the price of potassium fertilizer rose slightly by 0.42%

two alkalis: last week, the market price of domestic soda ash increased by 2.5%; Caustic soda rose by 1.37%, and PVC prices fell significantly, including acetylene PVC fell by 5.81%, ethylene PVC fell by 2.22%, and calcium carbide prices remained unchanged last week

chemical fiber: last week, PTA fell by 2.26%, PET chips fell by 2.12%, p-xylene fell by 1.43%, and the prices of other chemical fiber raw materials and products remained unchanged

alcohol ether: last week, the prices of methanol and dimethyl ether continued to fall to varying degrees, especially dimethyl ether fell by 2% and methanol also fell by 1.44%

rubber: last week, domestic rubber appliances suddenly failed, with a large decline. Among them, the price of natural rubber fell by 3.68%, and the price of styrene butadiene rubber also continued the downward trend of last week, with a decline of 4.47% 5. Valid width: About 420mm

polyurethane: last week, the price of domestic MDI products fell slightly by 0.48%, TDI fell by 2.63%, and the price of BDO remained unchanged

others: last week, the prices of acetic acid, sulfur, tetrahydrofuran, sulfuric acid and other products did not change. The price of styrene increased by 1.73%, melamine increased slightly by 0.88%, yellow phosphorus increased by 2.13%, and nitric acid increased by 2%. A

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