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Cui Li, vice president of ZTE: 5g is the protagonist, but can't sing a monologue

on April 15, the 5g future Salon of easy technology was held. The theme of this salon is the new future of 5g+ai after the pandemic test. Cui Li, vice president of ZTE, was invited to deliver a keynote speech to embrace the new digital era at the salon

5g is the protagonist, but it is not a monologue

for the 5g era, we prefer to call it the digital new era led by 5g. Cui Li said that in the 5g era, in terms of communication, various communication technologies, including wired access, Wi Fi, 4G and even 2/3g, will coexist, providing users with the most cost-effective communication service applications through different scenes; At the same time, from the perspective of cross-border integration, 5g is not the only technology. Cloud/edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, vr/ar, UAV and other technologies will also integrate with each other. 5g is the protagonist, but it is not a one-man show

big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have been developing in their respective fields for more than ten years or even decades. Today, the sudden outbreak is due to 5g led nuclear fusion. Many of these technologies we talk about are based on data. The evolution and development of communication technology from generation to generation is to help more, faster, stronger, safer and more economical data acquisition, and then the data will converge to the cloud to form aggregation. At the same time, the cloud can also obtain cheaper computing power. Considering the downstream demand or no improvement, the integration of data, algorithms and computing is for big data analysis Machine learning and closed-loop intelligent control provide the possibility, and artificial intelligence has achieved greater development. In this process, 5g can provide more connections, greater bandwidth, lower delay and higher reliability. On the one hand, it makes the data more accurate and complete, and realizes massive information connection, super delay, real-time control, security protection, etc. on the other hand, it also realizes the rapid response of reverse control with the help of low delay, so as to realize intelligent closed-loop

5g can not only add to the icing on the cake, but also provide timely help

Cui Li noted that 1.93 million cases of covid-19 covid-19 have been confirmed in the world. Denipe announced to invest 15million US dollars to build a new factory. The adverse impact of the epidemic has spread to the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The impact of the primary industry is relatively small, but the impact of the secondary industry has been relatively obvious. According to national statistics, the monthly power consumption of the secondary industry fell by 12% year-on-year, The tertiary industry is more affected, especially the aviation industry and tourism industry. At the same time, the epidemic also made people find that the application of 5g technology is not only icing on the cake, but also a timely help. We found that 5g+ai has played a very important role in the overall epidemic prevention and control work, whether it is social epidemic prevention and control, first-line epidemic prevention and control, or helping to resume production

Cui Li mentioned that ZTE helped the three major telecom operators in the process of epidemic prevention and control, and embodied the responsibility of the communicator from the aspects of production and distribution, network construction, communication guarantee, on-site service, business application and other dimensions. It has provided 4/5g network construction services and guarantee for 23 provinces, 68 cities and 210 hospitals in China. For example, it completed the 5g network construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital in Guiyang within 24 hours, and at the same time, it has provided 5g telemedicine Big data AI epidemic prediction and prevention, robotics and intelligent logistics, cloud classroom and other aspects form a comprehensive three-dimensional support

enterprise digital transformation is not only about the improvement of process efficiency

but also about the lack of anti risk ability

on the current situation of 5g application. Cui Li also has some reflections. In terms of the continuous improvement of 5g network coverage, the accelerated deployment of edge computing and SA (independent group), the cultivation of ecosystems such as terminals/content, and the integration and development of various technologies, it still needs to be maintained, but the damage layer is also deep; The latter requires continuous improvement and upgrading with fine materials. Cui Li said that in addition to 5g network and ecology, the digital transformation of enterprises themselves is also the basis for 5g to truly enable industry applications. This epidemic will also force all enterprises to think. In addition to the challenges of certainty, what they may need to face in the future is more about how to deal with the risks of uncertainty, and digital transformation is the key, because on the one hand, it can enable enterprises to establish broader links and collaboration, and at the same time, it can also enable enterprises to deal with fragmented needs and uncertain risks more agile and flexible

in the new digital era, through the integration of various technologies led by 5g and AI, we can truly gradually realize remote collaboration, distribution, contactless and intelligent. The digital society is accelerating. Whether we like it or not, this trend is irreversible. Let's work together to become a trendsetter of the times. Finally, I hope we can work together, forge ahead, face the challenges and win-win 5g

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