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Cui Li, chief development officer of ZTE: 5g popular applications must have differentiated value creation

on May 12, Cui Li, chief development officer of ZTE, attended the wise2021 leaders' conference, and held a dialogue with experts from financial securities, industry, science and technology and business leaders on the topic of 5g speed-up and industry exploration and innovative applications

the following is Cui Li's core views on the host's question in the round table dialogue:

5g is still in the introduction period, and there is a transformation process from technology to experience to value.

5g has been in business for more than a year, and you will have voices questioning that 5g is not so useful. The reason is:

the construction and coverage of 5g network needs a gradual improvement process. By the end of 2020, the number of 4G base stations in the whole country has reached 5.75 million, while 5g base stations are only about 800000 at present. 5g is still in the introduction period in terms of network coverage, business innovation and ecological construction, as well as "multi technology" integration, which gives everyone a feeling that it doesn't seem to be very useful. In fact, any technology needs a conversion process from technology to experience and then to the value of automatic control of various modes of experimental force, displacement and deformation by microcomputer control system, 5g is no exception

after more than a year of practice, some applications have been more star like, such as ultra high definition security prevention and control, 8K machine vision, artificial replacement in harsh working environment, etc. The future direction of 5g application must be to maximize the advantages of 5g differentiation in scene applications, such as video with Super bandwidth, control with ultra-low delay, and highly collaborative network and computing power

the benign development of 5g needs to solve the contradiction between fragmented industry applications and economies of scale

from the perspective of benefiting thousands of industries, there are two kinds of 5g applications that have the most economic value at present

short term:

the first category is manual assistance or replacement, which can reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase quality, and better ensure production safety. For example, 1. Promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry through the use of foreign capital. 8K machine vision is used to judge the key time points such as quality inspection and similar smelting; For example, remote control of unmanned excavators and unmanned underground operations in mines; For example, v2x in the field of automatic driving is the same

in the second category, through ultra-large bandwidth and ultra-low delay, we can be in touch with the world, so that scarce high-quality resources can be accessible and fully shared, which is of great significance to society. For example, Ultra HD/ar/vr is used for education, expert guidance, live broadcasting, cultural tourism, new media, telemedicine, security control, etc

in the medium and long term:

the essence of digital transformation of Qianxing Baiye is to use 5g as a connecting means to turn an enterprise or an industry into a wisdom and life like human beings. 5g network connection is equivalent to constructing a ubiquitous neural network, which can both sense and control. When there is information and data, drive enterprises/industries to build their brains, achieve overall optimal regulation, and do data-driven real agile and flexible operations

in addition, the benign development of 5g also needs to solve the contradiction between the fragmented application and scale efficiency of the industry to further improve the VOC performance of the whole vehicle. Through long-term exploration and practice, ZTE has made video, security, IOT and other general business needs into a building block component library, which serves as an enabling platform, opening atomic capabilities to partners, reducing the technical threshold, and prospering the entire ecosystem

5g to C popular applications are based on differentiated experience. To B popular applications need to solve the problem of rigid needs.

to B and to C have many interactive fields, such as ultra-high definition video, AR, VR, etc. For the popular model of to C, I think its characteristics are more reflected in differentiated value creation. Consumers need to feel the difference, otherwise they are not willing to spend more money to pay

for the popular model of to B, I think it is to solve problems in the short term, especially in some rigid demand scenarios. Let me give an example of the application in the power industry. We want to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization. A very important point is the introduction of clean energy, but the biggest feature of both photovoltaic and wind power is instability. To solve this problem, the intelligent control of the whole smart electricity is very critical. Electric intelligent control has high requirements for high-precision timing and ultra-low delay. These 5GS can be well met, and at the same time, they have the characteristics of economical and fast deployment. Therefore, I think for the to B market, applications like this to solve the pain points of the industry will have more potential to become popular

technology needs ingenuity, and investment also needs to take a long line to catch big fish

compared with 3g/4g, China is in the leading position of networking and industry for the first time in the 5g era. There are probably less than 1.1 million base stations in the world, and 800000 in China. While we are proud to lead the development of global 5g, we should also be aware of the need to bear the pressure of leading, including scale driven industrial chain, cost reduction, innovation and exploration in no man's land, etc. It should be said that the government has made a lot of policy preferences and efforts in this regard, including license plate and frequency issuance, co construction and sharing arrangements, industrial chain cultivation, driving enterprises to use cloud data to endow intelligence, etc., while operators and equipment manufacturers also bear greater cost pressure to ensure network construction and quality

we especially hope and call on the capital market to give 5g more medium and long-term strategic support and investment. Although pan 5g is still in the introduction period, it is also a key layout window period. The level of technical threshold is directly proportional to the input of resources, and the size of return is directly proportional to the level of technical threshold. After the ups and downs of interconnection, fast money comes fast, and may go fast. Technology requires ingenuity, and investment also requires long-term fishing. With the attention and support of the capital market and the full promotion of the government and operators, we believe that 5g will develop better and China will also develop better

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