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CTCP plates for transformation are more flexible

some small and medium-sized printing plants, especially those with more plates, install and use CTCP more. Some printing houses estimate that the total annual cost of using CTCP system is more than 50000-70000 dollars less than that of using a set of CTP system. In addition to saving a lot of money in the selection of plates, the prepress or printing workshop using CTCP system does not need to change any production conditions, and the original production equipment using traditional plates can still operate as usual. New vitality of PS version

in the long history of the development of modern printing technology, PS version has always occupied an absolutely dominant position in offset printing, which has been indispensable and irreplaceable for many years. Its excellent water and ink affinity, high printing resistance, simple operation and stable quality control provide a good guarantee for offset printing. Especially at present, the domestic PS version production scale and sales system have been very mature. PS version has the characteristics of both good quality and low price. Undoubtedly, PS plate is the preferred plate in the field of offset printing, and CTCP technology makes the traditional PS plate glow with new vitality

ctcp is a unique CTP technology. It uses UV light source and can be exposed directly on the traditional PS plate, which not only does not increase the plate cost, but also saves the film cost. At the same time, due to the use of CTP technology, the excellent performance of the PS version has been further developed: the points of 1%~9 serving the people and 9% contributing to the motherland can be completely reproduced on the PS version; 250 lines (or even higher) of high-end prints can be printed on the PS version; PS version FM plus exquisite reproduction can be used, which can be achieved

Juguang Creo JPT-1 positive thermal CTP version

juguang Creo JPT-1 is a non preheating positive thermal printing plate developed jointly by Sichuan Juguang printing equipment Co., Ltd. and the former Creo company since 2002 and officially introduced to the market in March 2004. It is suitable for all CTP plate making machines using 830nm laser heads on the market

main features: JPT-1 has high printing tolerance and ideal ink balance characteristics, which can perfectly reproduce 1% - 99% points, and can reproduce 10% points with FM plus time μ M micro dots, which can meet the highest printing production quality requirements, and cooperate with torch tpd-1 special developer to realize high-efficiency and low-cost direct plate making

there is no requirement to transform CTCP plates

do a good job of these little socks

due to the use of traditional PS plates, it brings great convenience for traditional printing enterprises to transform to enterprises using CTCP technology. CTCP can use the original plate punching machine: the subsequent printing process does not need any adjustment and change: the open system that receives 1-bit TIFF format makes CTCP easily integrate into the original workflow. The whole transformation process is similar to adding a Phototypesetter. The cost of the whole transformation is just to buy a CTCP device. On the contrary, due to the use of PS plate, compared with the use of CTP plate, the annual saving of plate use cost is close to 50%. In terms of plate making speed, CTCP system can produce 18 plates per hour, which can fully meet the requirements

plate brands suitable for CTCP

from the first day CTCP entered China, the majority of PS version suppliers have given sufficient attention and strong support. More than a dozen domestic PS versions have been tested and selected by manufacturers. Including: Huaguang, Ju Guang, Fuji Xingguang, Yulin, Dongfang, Kangerda, Jielong and many other brands familiar to offset printing plants. With the rapid popularization of CTCP users, various plate suppliers have adjusted the formula to produce high sensitivity plates that can give full play to the production efficiency of CTCP. For example: high sensitivity negative plates of Huaguang and Juguang: high sensitivity positive plates of Yulin, Taizhou Dongfang, Kangerda and other manufacturers. This not only provides a broad space for CTCP users to choose independently, but also makes the development and production of plates and the cooperation of equipment enter a virtuous circle, and the majority of CTCP users will become the biggest beneficiaries

cost accounting of CTCP plate input

take a medium-sized printing plant as an example: assuming that 175 folio plates with a size of 770mm x1030mm are used in a day, 5250 plates are used in a month (calculated as 30 days), 63000 plates are used in a year, and the total consumption of plates in a year is about 50000 square meters. If the price difference between PS plate and CTP plate is calculated at 20 yuan/square meter, the cost saved on the plate can reach 1million yuan in a year, plus the cost saved by the liquid medicine, the amount is considerable

about CTCP

the introduction of CTP has indeed brought technological progress and efficiency improvement to manufacturers. Due to the reduction of the intermediate link of film output, the graphic information is directly output from the computer to the printing plate, which greatly improves the quality of graphics and text. Similarly, due to the reduction of intermediate links, the production efficiency is improved. However, a very realistic cost problem also arises: in addition to the investment of imported equipment, manufacturers must also pay expensive use costs for a long time, that is, expensive plate costs and liquid medicine costs. In this way, advanced technology not only failed to create higher profits for enterprises, but also became a heavy burden for enterprises

China's offset printing market is looking forward to a prepress digital scheme that can not only bring technological revolution, but also improve economic benefits

The emergence of CTCP technology provides a new choice for the offset printing industry:

first of all, CTCP for tensile testing specified in astmd638 and iso527 is a CTP technology using photosensitive principle. It has all the advantages of CTP: the graphic information from the computer but must be broken into concrete directly to the printing plate to form an image, which greatly improves the quality of printed matter due to the reduction of intermediate links, and saves man hours and consumables costs at the same time

since CTCP entered China in 2003, the sales situation has been getting better and better. At the beginning of 2005, Yonghong group ordered 9 ctcps at a time and quickly replaced the CTP equipment introduced in the early stage, making people truly feel the double harvest of technological progress and efficiency improvement. At present, nearly 40 sets of equipment are distributed in the fields of packaging and printing, commercial printing, newspaper printing and export companies in China, becoming a growing new force in the CTP market

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