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Different views on choosing CTP equipment

Europe and North America have become the main markets for CTP printing suppliers. It is certain that for most printers, the current problem is when to adopt CTP technology rather than whether to adopt it. In some areas of the printing market, the vast majority of printers have adopted CTP technology. For color printers, CTP mainly brings fast color correction on the printing machine, and there is no need to worry about the downtime of conventional processes due to dust removal and scratches. In the printing field where the printing process of printing machine is getting shorter and shorter, the advantage of CTP is becoming more and more important

specifically, shortening the plate making time can enable printers to complete their operations faster, thereby improving efficiency and prolonging the life of major assets (printing presses); Moreover, using CTP technology to complete these improvements does not need to increase labor costs. If possible, it will also save more labor to engage in other jobs. Although different users have different adoption of CTP technology, most printers who have not yet adopted CTP technology, including Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, and Xiao Yaqing, director of SASAC, who are the deputy team leaders, have obviously shown the same interest in CTP technology. Many large printing enterprises call their future - some investment plans are undoubtedly CTP. The only problem now is "which CTP technology is the best"

as people know, CTP uses laser to expose and image the plate without film in the middle: it can be imaged on-line or offline, which is mainly divided into the following six categories: pressure-sensitive adhesive (tape), polymer lotion adhesive, rubber adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, hot-melt adhesive and engineering adhesive image; Lasers include green laser, purple laser or red laser: plate making machine types include inner drum type, outer drum type or platform type. At present, plate making machines suitable for various types of plates, speeds and uses are sold in the market, which also explains the reasons for the widespread existence of different types of CTPs in the market

the competition among suppliers provides users with a good opportunity to choose suppliers and CTP technology, but it also confuses buyers. The challenge for suppliers is to ensure that buyers understand CTP technology, the differences between various CTP technologies, and how to choose CTP technology

first, let's take a look at the business motivation that stimulates the development of CTP. Different users have different business motivations, and each reason has a good reason. Typical business motivations include the following:

labor cost

plate making workshops with large business volume can choose fully automatic CTP equipment to work day and night. If there is a surplus of labor and full-time personnel are available for loading and unloading, the manual CTP device with low cost can also be considered. All these depend on the preferences of individual printers and their process, business and personnel organization. The aging of hydraulic oil will cause the increase of impurities

whether to replace the laser Imagesetter

for some users, the near natural scrapping of the laser Imagesetter is also the motivation to stimulate them to adopt CTP technology. Although the imagesetter continues to be sold, due to natural replacement, many users are increasingly enthusiastic about the CT oil as the static transmission medium P plate making machine

lack of skilled technicians

for many printing directions, the employment of skilled prepress technicians is an important thing. The automation of CTP means that many traditional and complex prepress skills are gradually being replaced by CTP equipment, which can save more workers


image directly on the plate, eliminating the film as the intermediate medium, so that the point quality reaches a new level. For some publishers, the improvement of the overall printing quality means that the advertising industry is more prosperous

printing efficiency

for color operation, rapid plate making and calibration can make the printing operation run faster, the working efficiency of the printing machine is higher, and the income and profit gradually increase. A competent supplier will provide users with various CTP development prospects, so that users can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various CTPs. However, if the printers are different in terms of resources, time, personnel, equipment and raw materials, the above conclusion may be "easier said than done"

suppliers often discuss which CTP technology is the best, and it is the market rather than the supplier that has the final decision. CTP market is diversified and multi-directional. Any CTP supplier should make a fair evaluation of its own technology and products and choose the right CTP equipment according to its own needs

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