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Plate price restricts CTP application

"at present, the most important reason restricting CTP application is the problem of plate price. With more and more enterprises producing in Chinese Mainland, the price of CTP plate will definitely fall". In a recent media interview, Masato mori, executive director of the screen company, a supplier of imaging plate making equipment, did not show concern about the high price of plates, but was optimistic about its decline

the price of plates is high

his optimism is not groundless. The world's three major publishers have established production bases in China. At present, the price of CTP plate has been reduced from 75 yuan/sheet (including washing cover) in 1998 to 50 yuan/sheet now

but we still clearly see that his subtext is "the price of plates". In this regard, we only need to use a simple data to explain: in recent years, with the increase of the number of CTP introduced by manufacturers, the high plate price has become the biggest obstacle to the application of CTP. For example, the price of silver salt plate, thermal plate or photopolymer plate is 20 ~ 30 yuan higher than that of ordinary PS plate. Taking the medium-sized printing plant with 50000 plates per year as an example, the annual cost is more than 1 million yuan

on the one hand, it is the price of plates. On the other hand, once most of the cleaning resin is removed, on the other hand, the capacity of traditional plate making cannot be released. As we all know, due to the high price of CTP plates at present, many enterprises use both traditional plate making and CTP. The production capacity of traditional plate making equipment in 2004 was 190million square meters, and the actual production capacity was 5 Relative error of torque indication: ± 1%, the output is only 122.92 million square meters. In other words, more than 60million square meters of potential has not been released. The old equipment cannot be used effectively, which will undoubtedly be very dangerous in the competitive situation

the price of plate raw materials soared

the 2005 National PS plate industry working conference was recently held in Haikou City. "Analysis of the impact of the worldwide rise in raw material prices on the printing plate market" and other speeches attracted the attention of many participants, and it also attracted the attention of Mr. yuedemao, an old PS edition worker - China Printing Industry Association. He found through research that the price of aluminum, the main raw material of the plate, increased by 32% from January 2002 to August 2005 on the London Metal Exchange, and other raw materials such as silver, polyester, crude oil, etc. also increased to a certain extent

according to data, at the end of February 2005, the closing price of LEM (Note: London Metal Exchange) three-month aluminum futures reached $1969 per ton, the highest price in recent 10 years. In February 2005, the average spot price of aluminum was $1882 per ton, up 2.2% from January and 12% year-on-year

information source: packaging newspaper

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