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Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out in the 2011 government work report that accelerating the strategic adjustment of economic structure is the main direction of transforming the mode of economic development. We should strengthen energy conservation, environmental protection and ecological construction, give priority to energy conservation in industries, buildings and other fields, vigorously carry out industrial energy conservation, promote energy-saving technologies, and use energy-saving equipment to improve energy efficiency with different results obtained from tensile experiments at different speeds

according to statistics, the word "energy conservation" has appeared 14 times in the government work report, which is evident from the country's attention to energy conservation at this stage. Some people may ask, it has been seven years since the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction was first formally put forward by the state in 2005, so how much can we do in today's energy conservation field

the potential of industrial energy conservation remains to be explored.

since the eleventh five year plan, energy conservation and emission reduction have gradually become one of the priorities of the country's future development. Publicity cartoons on buses and subways, low-consumption and low-carbon labels on shopping malls and energy-saving public service advertisements on TV networks can be seen everywhere. However, G company, which occupies China, produces syringes, needles, intravenous catheters, surgical instruments and some similar products DP in 30 places around the world. In the industrial production field of nearly 50%, there is still a lot of waste, which needs to be paid attention to and solved urgently

taking the compressed air system as an example, the measurement of different materials or under different conditions on the compressed air pipeline requires different experimental machine models and tonnage. Choose a leakage hole with a diameter of 1mm to leak 68l of compressed air in one minute, which wastes 3525kwh of electricity every year, which is equivalent to two years of power consumption of three people who have to be compressed and have high efficiency. There are about 10000 such leakage points in an automobile manufacturing workshop that has not been tested for leakage, that is, the waste caused by a 1mm leakage hole in an automobile manufacturing workshop in one minute can supply the power demand of 20000 families of three

in addition to paying attention to and updating technology and management, it is also a good choice to assess the situation and explore new profit points and investment fields of enterprises. WISCO has decided to raise pigs. Should all enterprises plan for their own tomorrow

it's up to you to vote on whether you can bathe in the blue sky again.

Premier Wen Jiabao mentioned in his last answer to Chinese and foreign questions after the 2012 two sessions that if you want to benefit the country's life and death, you can't avoid it because of misfortunes and blessings. You know me and sin me. It's only spring and autumn. If we choose to survive and struggle in the industrial field, we will have an opportunity to affect tomorrow. Today's children can only imagine and understand the stick beating roe deer ladle scooping fish and pheasants flying into the rice pot in textbooks. Will there be a blue sky in China in the future, and hanging light and holding Qiongtai can only become an extravagant hope

industrial energy conservation is a mission entrusted to us by the times. Moreover, industrial energy conservation itself is beneficial to enterprises without harming them. According to the data released by EMCA, China has more than 2200 registered energy-saving service enterprises, including a number of technologically and reputable energy-saving service enterprises such as aishe technology and Shenwu, which have different energy-saving priorities. As an enterprise manager, we should carefully select energy-saving methods suitable for enterprises. For example, aishe technology mainly provides energy-saving services for compressed air, and has launched a series of products such as leak point scanning gun and air compressor room energy-saving monitoring system for problems such as gas pipeline leakage and air compressor load matching. Enterprises are more suitable to choose energy-saving products to detect loopholes in production lines, or should they update industrial management software, grasp production as a whole, and win in systematic informatization, This requires enterprise managers to make decisions with more care and responsibility

pursue his politics in his position and perform his duties. To be a qualified pilot enterprise in modern industry, we should start with industrial energy conservation

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