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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. and smart information kiosk: rotate the city with wisdom

time has been reversed for decades. Talking about smart city may be just a piece of cake on paper, which is useless to satisfy hunger. Now, with the maturity of various high-tech, smart city is no longer an unreachable star. Maybe you are in the city, and the magic of smart city is making your life convenient and wonderful in your world. Yes, cities all over the world now regard smart cities as a sharp weapon to crack the city's accumulated disadvantages

smart city construction has become a trend. And a device called smart kiosk can provide strong support for us to build a smart city. With the wisdom information kiosk, we can use wisdom to rotate our city and make our city full of wisdom. Maybe at this moment, everyone yearns for the smart kiosk, and their feelings are dark

let's introduce the smart kiosk! The so-called smart kiosk is a kind of self-service terminal equipment that is put in public places such as urban central areas, residential communities or prosperous business blocks, and uses computer information network technology, touch screen technology, information query technology and multimedia technology to provide public welfare information and value-added services for the society. In terms of cities, smart kiosks can realize many functions, such as government affairs publicity, public welfare publicity, advertising, information query, value-added services, and make cities more convenient, efficient, and humanized

of course, intelligent kiosks need to rely on the control system platform of intelligent kiosks to achieve their smart style. At the same time, the environment of the smart kiosk must be easy for everyone to imagine. It is not a beautiful flower in the greenhouse. It needs to stand in the open air, bathe in the wind and rain, fight against high temperature and cold, and it must also operate continuously for 24 hours. To face such a harsh environment and workload, it is obvious that industrial embedded computers must be used as the control host of the control system platform of the smart kiosk

since you choose industrial embedded computer products to support the smart kiosk control system, you should choose a brand with strength. North China industrial control is such a trustworthy brand. In the values of North China industrial control, quality and quality are the lifeline. In product research and development and production, implement the whole process control, and be strict. In the selection of BOM materials, products with both brands and quality, such as Intel, AMD, NXP [Freescale has been incorporated into NXP] have entered the supply list of North China industrial control; In terms of product research and development, we have a strong team of more than 100 people, working together to tackle key problems collectively, only to respond to the technical demands of customers in all aspects; In terms of product production, relying on its own Huizhou production base, its factory covers an area of 65000 square meters. With the help of various advanced production workshops and professional testing and analysis equipment, it ensures the quality of industrial computer products

it is the guarantee of these internal qualities that the embedded computer hardware products of North China industrial control have high reliability, durability, resistance to the harsh environment such as external wind and sun, long-term stable and reliable operation, wide temperature characteristics, and can adapt to the harsh outdoor high and low temperature environment and other industrial quality characteristics. It is the best choice for embedded computer hardware products of smart kiosks

from the mechanics of materials, we know that rotating the city with wisdom and making the city full of wisdom is the original intention of the smart city and the expectation of science and technology enterprises including North China industrial control. To this end, North China industrial control, as an enterprise in the industrial computer industry that is not needed by soft packaging manufacturers, has joined hands with smart kiosks to help smart cities and provide core support with high-quality embedded hardware products

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, a leader in the professional computer industry and a leader in the field of industrial control computers, reduces the pressure of environmental load. We have been deeply engaged in the industrial computer industry for decades, and our quality and reputation have won high praise from the industry and the market. The main products of North China industrial control include industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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