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Industrial design concept and other

I. industrial design

design is a creative activity carried out by human beings to achieve a specific purpose, which is included in the formation process of all artificial objects

industrial design concept: at present, the widely adopted definition is the revised definition of industrial design given by the International Federation of Industrial Design Associations (ICSID) at the Paris annual meeting in 1980: "for industrial products produced in batches, by virtue of training, technical knowledge, experience and visual perception, giving new quality and qualification to materials, structures, forms, colors, surface processing and decoration is called industrial design."

1. Traditional industrial design

industrial design was really recognized and played a role after the outbreak of the industrial revolution and developed under the condition of industrialized mass production. At that time, a large number of industrial products were shoddy, which had seriously affected people's daily life. Industrial design, as an inevitable means to change the situation at that time, stepped on the stage of history. Traditional industrial design refers to the planning and design of products produced by industrial means to achieve the best match with the users. Analyze the nature of industrial design from this concept: first, the purpose of industrial design is to achieve the best match between products and people. This kind of matching should not only meet people's use needs, but also match people's physiological and psychological needs, which exactly reflects the people-oriented design idea. Second, industrial design must be one? quot; Creative activities ". the nature of industrial design determines that it is an interdisciplinary science with a wide range of coverage, and has involved in the research fields of many disciplines, such as the adhesive of industrial society, which makes the originally isolated disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, marketing, aesthetics, ergonomics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, etc. connect and blend with each other, forming an organic unity. It realizes the objective revelation of natural laws Science and the art of subjectively and dynamically carrying out creative activities are once again united

2. Modern industrial design

the core of traditional industrial design is product design. With the development of history, the development of design connotation tends to be more extensive and in-depth. Now, the development of human society has entered the modern industrial society. The material achievements brought by design and its impact on human living conditions and lifestyles are unparalleled in any era in the past. The concept of modern industrial design also came into being. Modern industrial design can be divided into two levels: Industrial Design in a broad sense and industrial design in a narrow sense

generalized industrial design

refers to a series of behaviors from conception to the establishment of a practical implementation plan and expressed by clear means in order to achieve a specific purpose. It includes all the design process of using modern means for production and service

narrow lndustrial design

refers only to product design, that is, the response to the needs of tools and equipment generated in the connection between man and nature. Including the design of material equipment such as tools, instruments and products required for the maintenance and development of survival and life. The core of product design is that the product has good affinity and matching with the user's body and heart

the definition of narrow industrial design is consistent with that of traditional industrial design. Since industrial design has always been based on product design, product design is often called industrial design

II. Classification of industrial design

with the increasing expansion of the field of industrial design, different fields have their own characteristics. We can divide the field of industrial design from different angles:

1. Classification according to the existence form of Art:

one dimensional design, which generally refers to the design with time as a variable only; Two dimensional design, also known as graphic design, is designed for objects that change on the plane, such as graphics, words, trademarks, advertisements, etc. Three dimensional design, also known as three-dimensional design, such as products, packaging, architecture and environment; Four dimensional design is the design of three-dimensional space with one-dimensional time (that is, the form of 3+1), such as stage design

2. Starting from the corresponding relationship between man, nature and society, it is classified according to the essential meaning of discipline formation:

man, nature and society constitute the most basic relationship circle, and the corresponding relationship of its classification is roughly:

◆ product Design: equivalent to industrial design in a narrow sense, which is mainly three-dimensional design

◆ environmental design: including the design of various buildings, urban and regional planning, building construction plan, environmental engineering, etc

◆ communication design is the design of transmission activities realized by language, text or graphics. According to the different media, it can be divided into two categories: visual communication with text and graphics as the media; With language. Sound as the medium of auditory transmission

3. classify according to the concept and definition of industrial design:

with the development of science and technology and the application of modern technology, the boundary between industrial design and arts and crafts design is becoming increasingly blurred. Some design activities originally belonging to the field of Arts and crafts design have the characteristics of industrial design, such as furniture design and clothing design. As a bridge connecting technology and market, industrial design has rapidly expanded to all aspects of the commercial field:

◆ advertising design: including newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures, trademarks, etc

◆ display design: including pavement, window, display stand, signboard, exhibition, advertising tower, etc

◆ packaging design: including packaging paper, containers, labels, external packaging of goods, etc

◆ binding design: including magazines, books, illustrations, cartoons, layout design, etc

even in the field of self-contained architecture, industrial design is playing an increasingly important role

III. content of industrial design

if it is required to take the total elongation under great efforts, industrial design has a broad application space in enterprises. Therefore, analyzing the content of industrial design from the perspective of the demand level of enterprises for industrial design will provide great convenience for enterprises to better use industrial design and create greater value

1. Product design

product design is the core of industrial design and the key link for enterprises to use design. It realizes the change from the form of small raw materials to a more valuable form. Through the cognition of human physiology, psychology, living habits and other natural and social attributes, industrial designers locate the function, performance, form, price and use environment of products, and carry out creative design from the perspective of society, economy and technology in combination with materials, technology, structure, process, form, color, surface treatment, decoration, cost and other factors, Under the premise of ensuring the realization of design quality in the production management of the enterprise, the products are not only the products of the enterprise, the commodities in the market, but also the supplies of the people, so as to achieve the perfect unity of customer needs and enterprise benefits

2. Corporate ldenlti filtration system (CIS)

the enterprise identification system is composed of unified enterprise philosophy, standardized enterprise behavior and consistent visual image. That is, through CIS design, the enterprise has visual impact, which can clearly show the personality of the enterprise, and it is the embodiment of the strength and confidence of the enterprise. A successful enterprise must be cohesive internally and externally, which can make consumers have a sense of trust and identity, so as to improve the popularity of the enterprise and achieve the business goals and development goals of the enterprise

3. environmental design (interface design between human and hardware)

industrial design is involved in environmental design as an interface language between human and environment (architecture, transportation, living room, shopping mall, street...). Through the cognition of people's different behaviors, purposes and needs, we can endow the design object with languages, integrate people with the environment, and give people a cordial, convenient and comfortable feeling. Environmental design focuses on solving all the problems of the interface between people and buildings in the city, such as information, signal system, environmental protection solutions, etc., so as to also participate in solving major problems in social life

4. Design management (DES; 8N mana8element, referred to as DM)

refers to the process that design activities, as an important part of enterprise operation, are good at using design means, implementing design oriented thinking and behavior, and transforming strategic or technical achievements into products or services in the management of product series development such as project management, interface management, design system management, etc. Design management is an essential element for enterprises to succeed. Enterprises should follow the principles and Strategies of design to guide all departments in the development, production and business activities of enterprises, so as to achieve design goals and add value to products. The successful application of design management can make the enterprise contain the business strategy in the strategic planning stage. At the same time, the strategic advantage also lays a good foundation for products and enterprises in the competition

the ultimate goal of industrial design is to meet people's physiological and psychological needs. Industrial products meet the needs of people's production and life during handicraft. Undoubtedly, industrial design is to serve modern people, and it should meet the requirements of modern people. Therefore, it must first meet people's physiological needs - product functions. A cup must be able to drink water, a pen must be able to write, a bicycle must be able to walk, a truck must be able to carry things, and so on. The first purpose of industrial design is to make products more convenient for people to use and make them more effective through reasonable planning. Based on the study of product performance, industrial design also uses reasonable modeling means to make products have the spirit of the times, conform to the product performance and coordinate with the environment, so that people can enjoy beauty. Industrial design is the inevitable product of industrial modernization and market competition. Its design object is the products produced in batches by industrialized methods. The industrial design is designed to reduce the weight of automobiles by 10% - 15%, 30% - 40%, 45% - 55%, which has a great impact on modern human life and is subject to the actual level of production and life

the position and role of industrial design in Enterprises:

design is the bridge between enterprises and the market: on the one hand, it transforms production and technology into products suitable for market demand, on the other hand, it feeds back market information to enterprises to promote the development of enterprises

design is a means of product value-added: the greatest role for enterprises is to improve the added value of products. This added value is not tangible, but more intangible. Appearance, product image, etc.

design is an important resource of the enterprise: good design will make the enterprise have better reputation, make the enterprise more dynamic, and become a development tool of the company

design is a means to establish a complete enterprise visual image: the enterprise visual image is the best appearance for the company to establish a brand image, that is, a unique style of the company

creativity in industrial design is the most important prerequisite for a good product design. Simplicity is an important criterion for a good design. The report outputs information in form. Applicability is another important criterion for measuring product design. The human-machine relationship is reasonable and the human-machine interface is reasonable

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