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Industrial design and market

1 Introduction

industrial design is a specialized service. Its purpose is to create and develop products, optimize their functions, values and appearance, and meet the requirements of users and manufacturers 318 indoor thermal environment. In modern society, only when enterprises achieve the maximum commercial profits can they be successful, establish their own image, and finally be recognized by the society. It is self-evident that products play a special and important role in enterprises, and the real purpose of industrial design is to create the real quality of products. It can be seen that industrial design has developed from design products to design enterprises, guiding the development trend of the market

2 the meaning of industrial design

industrial design is a new comprehensive discipline integrating science and technology, art, aesthetics, sociology, sales, marketing and other humanities and natural sciences. Industrial design is the intermediary of human machine (product) - environment - society, and directly affects the way of human life. The core of industrial design is product design, which comprehensively deals with the function, material, structure, shape, color, surface treatment, decoration and other factors of products from the perspective of society, economy and technology. It should not only meet the requirements of people for the material function of products, but also meet the needs of people's aesthetic taste. Therefore, it is a creative activity of the organic unity of human science, art, economy and society

industrial design is also a design that creates human lifestyle. It gives full play to the potential of science and technology and art through certain thinking and means, creates a way of use, or creates and realizes a new lifestyle through design thinking, word movement or coordination of various professional technologies. Therefore, industrial design is also a methodology, using this method to maximize the harmony of human machine (product) - environment - society

the purpose of industrial design is people, and the planning, design and development of products are the means to achieve its purpose and the core of industrial design work. The three elements of product design are; Function and demand, processing technology and materials, aesthetics and creation promote and restrict each other. Among them, processing technology and materials are the foundation, which determines the basic appearance of design; Aesthetics and creation are the necessary conditions of design; Function and demand are the purpose and destination of juice design. Therefore, the function of meeting people's needs is the most important attribute of the product

3 the meaning of market

market is the whole circulation field of products from the production process to the consumption process, and it is an important link between commodity producers and consumers. The foundation of producing market is commodity economy, and market is the inevitable product of commodity economy. The basic relationship of the market is the relationship between supply and demand of commodities, and the basic activity is commodity exchange. Therefore, some people believe that the market is the general term of all commodity transactions, including not only the exchange of products, but also labor services and information

4 relationship between industrial design and market

4.1 the trouble brought by industrial design at the same time is to increase the discussion of the relationship between aircraft flammability meter and market

4.1 The two basic functions of an enterprise are marketing and the innovation, design and development of new products. Market is the starting point and destination of modern enterprise activities. The purpose of the enterprise is not only to meet the output value and profit, but also to occupy and develop the potential market with new products, excellent services and promotional means. Design is the main means of competition, and design is an important part of product value. At the same time, design has its own value, but the highest reward of design is often to gain market interests from competitors. Therefore, we should attach great importance to design as the main activity in the whole process from research conception to marketing

4.1 . 2 design is the soul and leader of products and the leader of benefits. Only when enterprises have a good grasp of industrial design, can technology have development power, products have competitiveness, the market has adaptability, and enterprises can be full of vitality. Relying on cheap labor and tariff barriers to maintain enterprises and national industries will not last long. We must fully understand the importance of design and have a sense of urgency

4.1 . The market changes with the continuous changes of economy, science and technology, culture, international exchanges, political environment and social conditions, so the design must also change with it. The more developed the society is, the higher the people's living standards are, the higher the requirements for internationalization, nationalization and diversification of products are, and the market is more segmented. Enterprises want to occupy all markets with one product, and want to survive with products that have remained unchanged for many years, which is no longer suitable for the development of modern markets. Therefore, enterprises should take the adjustment of product structure, the design and development of new products and the development of new markets as strategic tasks

4.1 . 4. Design comes from the market and meets the market. Good design can not only meet the needs of the market and consumers, but also create high profits for enterprises and bring vitality to enterprises

4.2 the role of industrial design in the market

4.2 1. It can promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. For a long time, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into commodities has been a matter of concern. It should be recognized that in the development process of new products, the success of technical research and experiment is only half of the work completed, and the other half of the work can be completed only through industrial design, that is, transforming scientific and technological achievements into mature products that can be used by people and are convenient for processing and production, and commercializing them, so as to convert scientific research achievements into productivity, so as to generate economic benefits for enterprises. Industrial design also determines the degree of commercialization of technology, market share and contribution to sales profits. The strength of enterprises in developing new products is not only reflected in the progress of technology, the improvement of product quality and production efficiency, but also in the dynamic market demand and the ability to convert technological achievements into commodities, that is, the comprehensive ability of enterprises in technology and industrial design can reflect the strength of an enterprise in developing new products

4.2 . 2. It can improve the added value of products. Industrial design is an effective means to improve the added value of products. The designed products themselves mean that they produce added value. Because industrial designers determine the design positioning of target markets and products according to the characteristics of different consumers and production enterprises, and carefully design the use mode, appearance modeling, material selection, structural technology, assembly and production of finished products and advertising packaging before listing. Products designed like this will be loved by consumers, and will also bring greater profit margins to manufacturers. The production cost and transportation cost of products are fixed values, but it is difficult to calculate the function, color, shape and psychological feeling of products, which can bring great added value to products. It can be seen that industrial design, at the same level of resource investment, can enable consumers to use better products, make products have higher added value, and create more wealth for enterprises. Therefore, pursuing excellent design and having good reputation in the development and manufacturing of complex aerospace parts and assemblies will become an important feature of the future market trend

4.2 . 3. It can improve the image and promote product sales. Industrial design is an important part of corporate culture. Modern enterprises regard corporate image strategy as a new and specific business element. Industrial design can enhance corporate image, guide consumption trends, and promote product sales. Under the market economy, due to the continuous improvement of social production level, most of the needs of consumers can be fully met, which leads to the relative saturation of the market. In view of this situation, when formulating the business strategy and plan of the enterprise, the business decision-making department of the enterprise can consciously guide people's consumption tendency through the development and design of new products, establish the enterprise image through new products, occupy the market, consolidate the market, and achieve the purpose of increasing product sales. Through industrial design, we can accelerate the elimination of old products, and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of the market and guide people's consumption trend. From the perspective of psychology, when human physiological needs are met, they begin to pursue psychological satisfaction. After the basic use functions of products meet the needs, people begin to force the novelty, symbolism, culture and entertainment of products, pursue personalized and aesthetic products, conform to the psychological changes of consumers, and guide consumers with new designs. This is an effective method to improve the corporate image and ensure the good level operation of the experimental machine to promote product sales

5 conclusion

the core of industrial design is to meet people's needs, design people's lifestyle, and guide people's consumption. The update and change of human consumption demand is endless, and the development and design of new products is also endless. Only by doing a good job in industrial design can enterprises enhance the ability of product development and introduce products that are popular with consumers, cheap and good in quality, and have unified functions and shapes to the market. Industrial design is the source of meeting market and consumer demand and the guarantee of enterprise vitality. Good industrial design operation mechanism will continue to promote the optimization and adjustment of enterprise product structure, and bring market prosperity and economic development. (end)

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