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The first industrial control PIV motherboard in Taiwan with a price lower than 2000 yuan in China - Aixun technology's new sbc81826 long card

China industrial control industrial control information's first industrial control PIV motherboard in Taiwan with a price lower than 2000 yuan - Aixun technology's new sbc81826 long card

sbc81826 VG long card

high quality and high price are undoubtedly applicable to many products, and this new PIV 865 sbc81826vg long card product is not necessarily true. Aixun technology's products have been known for their leading technology and excellent quality, and have passed SGS's ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001 international quality system certification and UKAS quality and environmental protection certification

if the sbc81826vg launched by Aixun technology is too noisy, it is inconvenient for work. The very tempting price is 1888 yuan/piece. This is the only Taiwan industrial control PIV 865 motherboard with a market promotion price of less than 2000 yuan in China at present. The application of this single chip microcomputer not only reduces the equipment cost to a great extent, but also shows its remarkable cost performance. Its market advantage in similar products is obvious. Relying on the product quality and excellent service of Aixun brand, the expected sales volume of this product will rise sharply. In order to prevent merchants from hoarding goods maliciously, aisun technology agreed with the market that customers who buy at the price of 1888 yuan/piece are limited to 10 pieces

the new sbc81826vg Intel 865GV chip + ICH5 supports FSB 400/533/800mhz; Intel pentium/celeron 4 processor; Two 184pin DIMM slots support ddr266/333/400 up to 2GB; Intel 865g/gv integrated video function; Intel 82547GI, 10/100/1000Base-Tx Ethernet; (optional) AC97 audio decoding; The two SATA ports support data transmission rate of 150MB/s

for more details, please contact the local vendor or e-mail to info@

aisun Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of international industrial computer series products. Based on the system assembly and integration of data acquisition and control, the printed structure also has micro pores that are difficult to obtain in conventional 3D printing, and has developed into industrial automation solutions for design and manufacturing in different fields

aisun Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Aixun technology is the branch of Taiwan Aixun in China. The company has more than 200 employees, a total of more than 80 employees in branches in the United States, China, Germany and France, and more than 60 dealer partners around the world. Aisun provides IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded single board computer), PPC (tablet computer), DAC (data acquisition scheme), IA (industrial automation), Na (network application platform) and NAS (network storage device), etc., with more than 400 series products

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