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Industrial control enterprises plan for industrial expansion

Guide: the traditional textile, electronic equipment, printing and packaging, plastics, oil fields and other industries have a rising demand for industrial control, and new markets such as new energy, new energy vehicles, informatization, IOT have injected new vitality into the industrial control industry. For domestic industrial control manufacturing enterprises, the current focus of work is to seize new market opportunities and expand market share, and each research institution in catapult network has its own theme of concern. Becoming an overall solution provider is the development direction of many manufacturers

emerging industries trigger new opportunities

after years of accumulation in the field of industrial control manufacturing, the vigorous rise of emerging industries provides a good opportunity for the leapfrog development of industrial control enterprises

take the new energy industry as an example, the application of relevant industrial control products in this field is worth looking forward to. Huachuang Securities said in the research report that the huge investment in smart electricity has brought returns to automation manufacturers, especially IPC suppliers. At the same time with energy development and new energy investment, energy conservation is also launched, including equipment energy conservation, system optimization, energy management. Although energy conservation is more achieved by changing energy conversion equipment, optimizing technology and other methods, the resulting automation supporting market has been clearly visible. At the same time, there are a large number of equipment and production lines that need to optimize control to achieve energy-saving effects, which will provide broad space for the growth of industrial control products

equipment energy conservation, system optimization and energy management will become the technological development trend of industrial control industry. In 2010, inverton set up relevant subsidiaries to focus on contract energy management. Huichuan technology clearly proposes to extend from industrial control field to new energy field in the company's development strategy. Huichuan technology said that at present, the company has mastered core technologies such as power electronics, motor drive and control, and extending to the field of new energy based on the same technology platform is the company's development strategy for the next three years. In 2010, the company has launched new energy electric vehicle motor controller, wind farm diesel storage multi-directional converter and other products, which have been applied in small quantities in the market

according to the Research Report of Tianxiang investment consulting, Huichuan technology new energy business achieved a slight success in 2010, with a revenue of 9.17 million yuan. Electric vehicle motor controller products have been tried out by 3 or 4 automobile manufacturers, and the wind diesel storage multidirectional converter products used for AC/DC bidirectional conversion from new energy have also been successfully applied on a tourist island. In the next three years, the company will increase its R & D and market expansion in the field of new energy, forming a situation of common development in the field of industrial control and new energy

multi industry solution providers

make breakthroughs in a specific field of the industrial control industry, and then expand the product line to become an industrial solution provider, which has also become one of the ways for enterprises to grow rapidly. NVIDIA, which was listed in 2010, is a representative in this regard

as the leader in the domestic industry of frequency converters, NVIDIA started its large-scale industrial layout after its listing in early 2010. Set up Xuzhou yingweiteng and implement the construction project of 600 explosion-proof frequency converters per year; Invest and establish Shenzhen yingweiteng Jiali Energy Management Co., Ltd. to take charge of the energy management project of the enhanced contract through Taichang glass fiber and the surface layer made of tepex Dynalite; Shenzhen yingweiteng Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. was established to enter the R & D and production of rail transit traction system; Investment in Wuxi industry standards are more standardized, and deskale has entered the IOT, industrial automation and building automation industries; Participate in Gu high technology and lay out the field of motion controller. In 2011, the company acquired Shanghai Yuneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. and entered the servo industry

our main idea of investment is professional focus and product collaboration. Xia Yushan, deputy general manager of inverton, introduced that among the six investment mergers and acquisitions, Hong Kong googo and Shanghai Regal power are projects with leading technology. Googo focuses on the research and development and production of internationally leading motion controller products, while Regal power has internationally advanced technologies in the field of servo drives and servo electric machines. The combination of the two can build integrated automatic control solutions in many industries; The other four companies are focused on industrial solutions, which are deployed in four fields: coal mine explosion-proof, rail transit, EMC and elevator

the future idea of inveterate is to create an industrial matrix: inveterate does frequency conversion, Gugao does operation control, and Yuneng does servo. The three companies jointly focus on basic technology research; At the same time, the other four subsidiaries are engaged in Applied Technology Research and system integration in elevator, coal mine, rail transit and energy management industries. Enterprises engaged in applied research can rely on the support of basic technology; At the same time, basic technology research companies can expand the coverage of their products. Xia Yushan said that NVIDIA has a large scale in the field of frequency conversion and has accumulated a lot of resources, which can provide support for other subsidiaries and investment projects, such as its quality control advantages in domestic and foreign marketing networks and manufacturing

at present, inveterate mainly adopts the competitive strategy of highlighting the cost performance advantage in terms of price and service and seeking product differentiation in market segments, focusing on rapid response and key breakthroughs, and gradually encroaching on the market share of foreign brands. In the competition against domestic brands, the company will continue to give full play to its advantages in product line, marketing network, scale and brand, strive to open the gap with other domestic enterprises, and further strengthen the existing market leading position

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