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Laser glass inner carving technology is the most advanced carving processing method in the world at present.

laser glass inner carving technology is the most advanced and popular glass inner carving processing method in the world at present. Laser glass inner carving processing not only produces unique images, different artistic styles, exquisite carving, exquisite graphics and texts, or elegant, or magnificent, or magnificent, or magnificent, and both spiritual and spiritual, which can meet people's increasing aesthetic pursuit. The production of ternary materials in the product market continues to grow, and the prospect is very promising

laser engraving should first take the resource-saving development path, which will be a revolutionary change in the process glass deep processing industry. It is energy-saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, can realize standardized, digital, networked production, and can also realize remote monitoring and operation, which will greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment, and greatly improve production efficiency and product grade, It is the ideal of traditional glass processing technology. (2) the local stress-strain method is mainly used to calculate the low cycle fatigue life dominated by plastic deformation

carved glass is widely used in night shows, KTVs, bars, private clubs, and even a wider range. It's not impossible, only you can't think of it. The use of ultra white glass combined with laser engraving can also be perfectly experienced in tea tables, advertising boards, or applications as small as mosaic

ktv, bars, night venues and other backgrounds, floors, large areas of partitions, because of high light transmittance, but also because of its safety, beauty and other advantages, began to be widely used in building glass curtain walls

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