The hottest laser and packaging technology

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Laser and packaging technology

laser can add some new features to packaging products, which cannot be obtained by traditional methods (such as blades and other mechanical methods). The laser beam is very sharp, which avoids the quality problem of uneven die-cutting line caused by traditional methods. The die-cutting line generated by laser can ensure uniformity in depth and width, so that the quality of packaging products can be guaranteed, and the strength and shielding of each packaging product can be guaranteed to be the same. When the control software is installed in the laser system, the user can adjust the parameters in the software to change the depth of the groove mark, which is used to match different types of verification results. It is necessary to clearly give the packaging materials with conformity judgment. In this way, the time and cost of slotting are saved and the work efficiency is improved. Laser equipment can not only be operated as an independent equipment, but also be integrated into the existing production line, which is very flexible

recent breakthroughs in laser beam direction and energy control technology have made further progress in the application of laser technology in the field of packaging design. In addition to grooving with laser, it can also be cut, hollowed out, or mixed with the two. The laser beam can work equally in all directions, and can be positioned at high speed to generate complex and irregular shapes

just modify the parameters in the program to control the laser to modify the shape of packaged products or simply adjust the size. Complex shapes and required holes can also be easily generated without distorting the beam or losing the accurate positioning of other characteristics. The "powerless" nature of the laser beam enables it to process brittle and thinner materials with special drawing attachments. The sharpness of laser also makes it possible to process some materials that are easy to cause problems by traditional methods, such as materials with friction and viscosity on the back

in short, due to lack of experience and lack of access to relevant information, with the continuous upgrading of laser technology, it will be more and more used in the field of packaging

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