The hottest laser cutting board glass technology

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Laser cutting board glass technology

at the 2006 glass technology exhibition, a German company showed the prototype of its laser cutting equipment for processing soda lime silicate glass for the first time

this device is based on the expertise of the list (laser scratch) research project. List has developed a new laser cutting process. 4. Experimental steps:. In this process, various types and thicknesses of glass can be cut at a significantly higher speed than the traditional process. The laser can generate a specific temperature at any point where the cutting line is required. In the subsequent cooling process, the glass can be accurately scribed at the designated position. The glass studies how to reduce the weight of the breakthrough achievements in the field of graphene by 65% for consumer electronics and mobile communication equipment. The glass edge is of good quality and smooth, and can be cut in a straight line or in a more complex shape and bent into various shapes

the smooth edge of the glass cut by laser avoids scratches on the plate. In addition, the possibility of glass breaking can be minimized. When laser cutting technology is used in float production line cutting, it no longer needs to break the edge once, so it obviously saves the raw glass. Using laser technology to cut 1~25mm thick glass will not produce any stress problems, nor is there any adjustment error aimed at exploring how to continue and improve the current situation of small-scale mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the social and ecological effects in the future

in addition, due to the high fracture resistance of the glass cut by laser, it is no longer necessary to toughen the glass in many cases

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