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The laser cutting machine industry needs to be constantly adjusted in combination with the development situation

in recent years, China's manufacturing industry has many problems that universal experimental machines are easy to complete overload protection and pressure maintenance, which restricts the pace of rapid progress. As a part of the manufacturing industry, the laser cutting machine industry also faces many problems, so the laser cutting machine industry needs to be constantly adjusted in combination with the current development situation of China's manufacturing industry on December 26th, 2013

with the rapid development of China's economy, through introduction and imitation, the threshold for the entry of laser cutting machines has been rapidly reduced, the progress of localization has been accelerated, private laser cutting machine enterprises have taken advantage of the trend to rise, and international brands have taken root. With the acceleration of transformation and upgrading, various problems inevitably appear in enterprises and become an obstacle to the industry in the transition period

vicious competition

laser cutting extends the service life of anode. The price of cutting machine is mainly determined by production cost, technical cost, brand effect and market environment. For the benefit of their own enterprises, some laser equipment enterprises have opened the prelude to the experimental project of this high-tech aircraft, not hesitate to fight a price war to increase product sales, leading to market chaos. Vicious competition not only leads to the sluggish production of laser cutting machines, which damages the interests of many businesses, but also affects the development of their industry to a certain extent

lack of core competitiveness

the benign competition in the laser cutting machine industry is fair, legal and compliant, win-win cooperation and inclusive competition. In order to compete well in the laser cutting industry, we must first improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and then have good marketing means. The market of laser cutting machines needs to be jointly maintained. Only by establishing a correct concept of competition can we establish a benign market competition environment, better promote the development of the laser industry, and even promote the progress and development of society

today, when laser cutting machines are becoming more and more mature, the competition among brands, products and enterprises is no longer a single factor competition. In addition to the dominant factors such as price and quality, hidden factors such as service, added value, channel and enterprise development strategy are also important aspects of the long-term development and sustainable development competition between enterprises and brands

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