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Application of laser engraving machine and cutting machine in carton packaging industry (rubber plate)

understand, be familiar with and master the operation method and process requirements of engraving machine, and make a simple summary of the processing technology of various industries. There are stolen goods between the force measuring cylinder and the piston. Large area engraving machine, the larger the engraving area, the corresponding engraving effect will be worse. Because the longer the beam of the large-area engraving machine is, the more serious resonance (vibration) will appear. Half cutting is a complex process, which is often used in industries such as cloth, keys, reflective materials, etc. The flatness of the bottom plate is also required to be very high. Generally, domestic tubes for lasers can also meet the flexibility requirements The specific engraving speed and light intensity are different for different users' materials, and their parameter combinations are also different. The general situation is:

carton packaging industry (rubber plate)

the main type of rubber engraving is VDIAO series, which generally uses 50mm focusing lens, and the format adopts PLT and BMP. PLT is mainly used for edging. The two formats have their own advantages, and the specific situation is analyzed in detail. When the height of the engraved words is greater than 10mm or the line of the pattern strokes is greater than 1.5mm, you can use the method of ticking. Take a 7mm single-layer ordinary rubber version as an example. When ticking, the surface of the newspaper is humidified, and an air leakage air-jet cup is equipped to prevent the wet newspaper from being blown up by too much air, so that the lines drawn out are more delicate. At this time, the general adjustment of speed is: 0 8 m/min, the faster the speed, the larger the sawtooth

the adjustment of light intensity is: 20% - 50%. It can be adjusted according to the depth. If it is deeper, the light intensity can reach 60% - 70%. For the double-layer rubber version, the light intensity of the 4mm double-layer rubber version should reach 1.5mm deep, the speed should generally be adjusted to 0.5m/min, and the light intensity is 45%, depending on the specific situation of the brake pad material. If the height of the characters you engrave is less than 10mm, you usually use engraving at this time. At this time, the speed is generally adjusted to: meters/minute; The adjustment of light intensity is that the top depth is 18%-28%, the depth is 55%-75%, and the slope is 0 5. Generally, the resolution is that this kind of composite material has good electrical properties of 00dpi. The denser or smaller the text, the smaller the light intensity and the smaller the slope

vdiao micro engraving laser engraving and cutting machine

function introduction

vdiao micro engraving laser engraving and cutting machine has stable performance. It is designed and developed with closed CO2 laser tube as energy, combined with electronic, mechanical, computer software and hardware technology, and cooperates with professional software for high-speed engraving and cutting. It is an ideal choice for various processing industries with low noise, no sawtooth, and smooth edges

carving and cutting materials can be laser processed on non-metallic materials such as bamboo, wood, crystal, horn, paper, 1. Without experiments, plexiglass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic, etc

applicable industries:

advertising industry: plexiglass cutting, sign carving, double color plate carving, crystal carving, etc

gift industry: carve exquisite words and patterns on wood, bamboo, marble, double color board, density board, crystal, leather and other materials

carton printing industry: carving products, used for carving and cutting rubber board, double-layer board and plastic board

leather and garment processing industry: it can be used for carving, cutting, carving, hollowing out, computer embroidery and cutting of complex characters and graphics on leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather and cloth

other industries: model making, decoration, carving of product packaging, etc

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