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Laser digital die cutting technology

laser digital die cutting uses laser to evaporate materials to complete the die cutting processing of various products. Laser digital die cutting technology is attracting the attention of the traditional die cutting field with high efficiency and flexibility

the general laser die cutting system is composed of carbon dioxide laser, power supply device, cooling device, software and smoke exhaust system. If the laser die cutting system is not connected to the existing printing machine, the web paper feeding system is also required. In addition, it is also necessary to register the camera monitoring system. To sum up, if this technology is adopted, John Dillon, deputy general manager of sales and marketing department of 180000-300000 lasx, said that this is probably equivalent to the upgrading price of a set of mainstream prepress equipment

in addition, the previous laser die cutting system used a fixed laser device to move the X-Y coordinates internally. Some users fail to use this technology because its processing speed cannot meet their needs. Chriss Chow, deputy general manager of the paper processing Department of laser machining, said that the newer galvanometer system uses a controlled laser beam and rotating lenses to make the laser move faster. It is reported that the processing speed of this equipment can reach 80-600 inches per second

the laser digital die cutting system can adopt intermittent or pointer moving mode for step operation, and can also die cut in motion. The programmed pattern of the laser beam controls continuous movement. The speed of die cutting can be adjusted. The laser beam can not only completely cut through the material, but also add different adjustment parameters. Only the face paper is cut, and the bottom sheet is not die cut, that is, if the sheet metal is not carefully scraped to a certain depth or punched

advantages of laser digital die cutting

laser digital die cutting has many advantages. From the perspective of flexibility, the laser can move in any direction and die cut any complex shape: the shape of each die cutting unit can be changed during operation, so that the production of packaging and trademarks can be completely personalized. In addition, accuracy is the strength of the digital system. Laser digital die cutting can easily reach 0 Customers in any industry will benefit from Altair's deep-rooted knowledge of composite material design in products and its close integration with Optistruct and multiscale designer. The 003 inch tolerance can even compensate for the inherent inefficiency of printing and post press processing. The material may stretch during printing and post press processing. Chow said that the laser can be adjusted according to this, but the previous die cutting cannot do this

laser digital die cutting system can effectively and high-yield scratch operation, and the scratch pattern can be modified at the last moment without interrupting production. The production cost of simple shapes and complex shapes is the same, and the production time is also the same. From the point of view of return rate, end users can directly control the production of medium and short versions without saving a large number of die cutting plates. Dillon said that its data report printing and so on can immediately respond to the requirements of customers, because it saves the time of making die cutting plates

Jules Farkas, manager of wave front technology company, said that laser digital die-cutting does not need a die-cutting plate, nor does it need to use other tools to punch holes, and the meat roll material can be cut into the required shape

from an aesthetic point of view, laser digital die cutting also has many advantages. Because it has no pressure when cutting, it will not damage the material being cut, especially the pressure sensitive label cut out by the die has better peeling property after the traditional circular die cutting

the market of laser digital die cutting

the market of laser digital die cutting in the packaging industry can be said to be completely open. Lasx's lasersharp module can be used for the processing of various paper products, which is widely open, but so far, there is no such system in the packaging industry. Dillon said that this market is only the beginning

but Dillon has seen hope from digital manufacturers that laser digital die cutting will be a useful solution for online die cutting on digital printing machines. Because the speed of the laser digital mode is similar to that of the digital printer, theoretically, users do not have to stop the printer to run 10 different printing and post press processing parts continuously

the softdie digital laser die cutting system of wave front technology company is specially developed for the label processing market. It can be compatible with most existing label printers, and can also be processed offline, with a speed of 600 inches per second

packaging users have installed a digital laser die cutting system. Farkas of wave front technology said. Most of these installation sites are well kept secret, and system manufacturers are usually bound by agreements that do not disclose this matter. However, although this technology has been put into the market now, the market itself is still in an immature stage

laser machining company launched acuwear and acubreathe lasers in January, 2000 to provide flexible packaging and laser scratch and laser microporous functions. Chow explained that the precise cutting of the laser will not damage other composite packaging layers, and the packaging can still remain isolated from the outside world, because the laser does not cut it through

chow stressed that laser technology can realize some very special processes that ordinary die cutting cannot achieve on flexible packaging. Rotary die cutting cannot use very small holes to ensure packaging ventilation, because it cannot clearly cut such small holes, and die cutting waste may block these holes

development trend of laser digital die cutting

suppliers are trying to solve the problems that hinder the development of laser digital die cutting, including the compatibility of materials, the ability of laser to turn back at acute angles, and the problem of cutting fabrics without damaging the backing paper

for example, many special controls have been developed. Acupower current detection controller of laser machining company can automatically adjust the size of laser power when cutting complex patterns or acute angles

suppliers are also constantly improving the speed of laser die cutting, so that the basic energy can match the speed of traditional printing machines. According to wave front technology, the demonstration speed of their softdie system can reach 100-300 feet/minute according to the different materials used and the complexity of live parts

can laser digital die cutting eventually become the standard in the field of die cutting? Farkas believed that it was possible. He predicted that in another 10 years, everyone would widely use the laser digital die cutting system

chow believes that the cost of laser digital die cutting is relatively the same due to its accuracy and high technical content. If you can achieve the required speed and accuracy with rotary die cutting, then use rotary die cutting. These two technologies have their own markets, and they can also be combined together. 1 Drive the same production line

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