The hottest laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line

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Laser anti-counterfeiting is used in the outer packaging to avoid the appearance of pores and false sealing lines in the final cured composite parts

for the widely used woven bag packaging of chemical fertilizer, seeds, feed, flour, rice, household chemicals, etc., the pasting of anti-counterfeiting marks has the following disadvantages:

(1) the anti-counterfeiting marks pasted on the woven bag are easy to be damaged in the process of storage, transportation and logistics

(2) if manual pasting is not suitable for the needs of industrialized flow production

(3) to stick with a labeling machine, it is necessary to add a set of machine paste production line on the basis of the original machine sewing machine, which increases the cost

with the advent of laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line, the original machine can be used to sew 12 Host size: about 950*350*370mm charter and its process, which meet the needs of industrialized production. Its anti-counterfeiting strength is large and the cost is low. The laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line meets the requirements of identity uniqueness. It is disposable and cannot be used again after disassembly. The customer can observe with the naked eye that there is a rainbow luster laser wire in the sealing line. The sealing line sewn on the woven bag generally grows a few inches. After twisting, it emits red and yellow fluorescence under the long and short wave ultraviolet lamp respectively. Under the 40 times microscope, the highly miniature manufacturer information can be seen, which provides a basis for law enforcement personnel to crack down on counterfeiting. Counterfeiters are deterred

the laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line has strong use stability. From the south to the north of the motherland, the temperature difference will be difficult to adapt to the pasted label, while the laser anti-counterfeiting sealing sewn on the woven bag can be linear and stable. It has good tensile strength, so △ e=[r1r2/(r1+r2) 2] △ R1/R1 - △ R2/r2 + △ R3/R3 - △ R4/R4) U has been tested without damage

source: China laser

these standards generally have strict provisions on sample preparation and experimental methods

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