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Laser holography makes the imaging quality better

the essential difference between the imaging system and the ordinary specular reflection system is that the latter changes the light path by the reflected beam, while the holographic system allows the beam to reach the imaging surface through the refractor

due to the limitation of manufacturing process, any mirror cannot be absolutely "flat", and the imaging of the reflection system will suffer from deviation. If the rotating speed of the mirror is increased, this deviation will be aggravated, and even a small error will be amplified by the mirror reflection system; In holographic imaging system, because the beam is refracted rather than reflected, this kind of imaging error can be reduced a lot

due to the unbalanced structure of the mirror itself, it is easier to vibrate when rotating at high speed. Therefore, for the reflection system, a problem that needs to be solved is to find a method to compensate the scanning path error. The optical path of the holographic refractor is not sensitive to jitter, which simplifies the structure of the optical system. Therefore, the holographic imaging system can provide a higher guarantee in the accuracy of the optical path. In fact, ECRM tigercat series direct plate making system using holographic imaging technology is designed for high-precision commercial printing customers

imaging technology and Titanic

Titanic is one of the most expensive films in film history, and many of its grand scenes rely on stunt production and synthesis. Holographic imaging technology is indispensable for these special effects to be vividly displayed on the screen. In fact, Hollywood's film industry uses holographic imaging technology to record images on film. Such films include Batman and Robin and the enemy of the country. In addition to the film industry, in other industries including the printing industry, many manufacturers also use this technology, including Agfa, DuPont, Kodak, 3M, monotype, Western litho, Xerox and other manufacturers

the future of imaging technology

technology reduces the cost of optical components. For the field of printed images, the intervention of holographic technology has greatly changed its appearance. In the near future, we will find that the adjusted speed of laser imaging is faster than that of film transmission. Manufacturers may need to redesign their equipment to improve the speed of mechanical transmission of imaging media

there is still a way to go to further develop the performance of holographic imaging technology. Although there are only 5 or 6 sides of the grating disk at present, simply increasing the number of grating planes will make the equipment too large. It is not easy to overcome the influence of air flow when the grating disk rotates at high speed. The further development of holographic imaging technology will continue, which is also the main factor restraining the development of the market

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