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Laser coding has become a watershed. Reliable and durable laser coding machines not only improve the production efficiency of the production line, but also establish a good first impression of brand bottled water for consumers

when natural springs water group, a bottled water manufacturer in John City, Tennessee, decided to take measures to replace the original old ink-jet printer, they really did that. The company admitted that there was a problem with the cleaning of the old code printer, which was not as reliable as the supplier had promised. "Because it will stop working from time to time and get ink everywhere, its production efficiency is not high," admitted Danny Aviles of the quality assurance department of natural springs group. "The barcode produced by inkjet coding will produce stains in high temperature and humid environment, and the barcode is not clear enough. Moreover, if it is not set accurately, the image will be deformed."

find a new way to solve the problem of coding

when they found the laser coding technology and found the smartlasew digital system of Markem company, they immediately replaced the old machine

natural springs water group, founded in 1991, began to produce its bottled mineral water from a protected, pollution-free water source that can flow 5.5 million gallons of high-purity mineral water every day in Unicoi County, Tennessee. The water source is located in the northeast of Tennessee, and is also within the range of cherokee2, digital pulse width modulation technology National Forest Park and a hidden evergreen bush. Didi clear spring gushes from the ground. The company will treat and filter the collected water and put it in 8-ounce to 1.5-liter bottles. It also provides gallon bottled water that is contractually packaged by its own brand suppliers. These PET bottled water are usually sold in convenience stores in the southeastern United States

natural springs group learned about Markem system from. To be successful in retail, the accuracy and consistency of its production line must be high. Natural springs, which adopts fully automatic production mode, is proud of its nine water purification processes with artistic microfiltration, ultraviolet light and ozone technology. Therefore, the company hopes that the barcode printed on the clear and bright plastic bottle can also help their brand bottled water, such as Laur? Pristine springs water, mountain forest and 56 other private brand bottled water have firmly established a good first impression in the minds of consumers

laser coding machine relieves worries at home

about a year ago, natural springs decided to explore and consider purchasing smartlase (R) 100 series digital laser coding machine, a carton, label Glass and plastic bottles are compact carbon dioxide laser systems designed for primary packaging, which accounts for 1/10 of China's total plastic products output. The SL 110 system purchased by natural springs has been proved to be able to mark a clear, concise, single line product expiration code on one side of the bottle. "This laser coding machine relieves our worries," Aviles said. "Its coding effect is cleaner, more efficient and maintenance free."

this laser code printer relieves our worries. Its coding effect is cleaner, more efficient and maintenance free

because the water vapor extraction device of Fumex can extract plastic odor and other small particles that can be transmitted through the air when the coding machine works on PET bottles, smartlase SL 110 equipped with stainless steel shell, NEMA 4x and protection grade IP65 can work in plants with harsh environmental requirements, humidity and water vapor. The laser system relies on electric energy to produce CO2 to release powerful invisible infrared rays. In fact, infrared is a form of thermal energy, so when the ray shines on the natural spring label, the thermal energy causes the material surface to evaporate or etch to form a sign

because the production efficiency of the code printer will become extremely high after using laser, and it can also use small, air-cooled laser, so natural springs adopted it. In this system, the computer-controlled reflector reflects the laser beam onto the surface of the material, and the desired characters or images can be obtained soon, so that the brand-new, clean and high-precision bar code can be vividly displayed on the bottle

The life and reliability of a laser picture tube with a power of

10 watts depend on the number of times the switching laser is emitted. Natural springs observed that all competitive laser coding machines will switch on and off the laser beam after typing a character, while Markem said that smartlaser series coding machines only switch on and off the laser beam after typing the whole picture and text, which improves the service life of picture tubes. Some materials (such as pre printed cartons) can be coded with only a small amount of energy, so the laser coder needs to control the energy transmitted to the material surface. The effective use of energy not only reduces the cost, but also makes the performance of the equipment more outstanding

in order to fill the bottle with water, the factory began to use the water tank truck to pull the water from the origin, filter and purify it to ensure that the natural minerals in the water are properly preserved. Next, the water is transferred to the water storage tank, where it is pumped to the production line equipped with a laser code printer. Aviles said the line produces 250 bottles of water per minute. He described their packaging process in this way: when the bundles of bottles are destacked, they are transferred to the bottling workshop for washing, and then they are individually entered into the quadrel label, especially the pressure-sensitive labeling machine of ing systems for advanced composite materials, and filled and capped on the combined system of Sidel before using the locally produced paper as a whole for labeling. Then, the filled, capped and labeled bottles are marked with bar codes containing mixed symbols in a single line by smartlase system. When the barcode is printed correctly, the bottles will be packed and stacked for shipment

although the new laser code printer did not improve the production speed of the production line, Aviles said, the production efficiency has been significantly improved. "If we set it up correctly, we don't need to worry about it anymore. We run this production line as usual, so we need reliable equipment. We get the barcode accuracy we need. Not only that, the printed barcode is also very clean and tidy. We didn't find any problems in the process of using laser printer to code plastic bottles."

Lipton has added 13 laser coding machines to its tea box production line to improve the production speed and coding quality of the production line

information source: packagingdigest China

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